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While tires often present unique storage challenges due to their malleable nature, their larger variants used for utility tier racks and vehicles pose an even greater issue to facilities dedicated to storing large quantities of larger, sturdier tires.  Many racks are designed for passenger tires, so how can companies support larger tires in their buildings?  

 Utility Tire Racks Info

Tier-Rack Corporation can help.  Tier-Rack has engineers ready to create customized racks to be manufactured at their facilities in the United States for every tire size and shape.  This flexibility makes Tier-Rack a one stop shop for any rack, but especially custom racks.

Since 1955, Tier-Rack Corp has used their Tier-Rack storage system to store tires, boxes, fabric, pipe, elecronics, bicycles, furniture, food, beverages, and almost any product that can be kept in a warehouse.  Any company that uses pallets can use this product, which stacks frames on top of your existing wood pallets to create vertical space.These will allow a company to stack 3 to 5 loads of crushable of fragile products, as well as awkward, non-stackable product.  We have high quality Utility Tire Racks.

When the frames aren’t being utilized, they take up a small amount of space, folding down to conserve your precious warehouse space.    

For more information on Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frames, visit https://tier-rack.com/ today.

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