custom warehouse storage racks and stack racks
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Base Design - Optional Interior Supports

We have four basic base designs; each with a different benefit. This helps you save money by buying only as much storage bin as you really need. Your salesperson will help you choose the one that meets your specific need. A custom rack that doesn’t cost custom rack prices provides a storage solution that doesn’t break your bank.

Decking Options

We offer plywood, wire mesh, plastic, steel decking and other options to inexpensively increase your rack’s versatility to hold different sized products

Stacking Connections
Fixed Posts

You don’t have to ever worry about losing your posts with this option because they’re permanently “Fixed” -welded to the base. Fixed posts provide for a heavy duty steel rack for weight capacitys of several thousand pounds.

Removable Posts

Removable posts help save costs for your shipping container.

Fork Stirrups

Fork Stirrups provide a guide for your lift truck’s forks and an assurance your rack is being lifted from its optimal location. Fork stirrups can be used for 2-way or 4-way entry.

Fork Tubes

Fork Tubes provide extra strength and help assist your lift truck’s forks and assurance your rack is being lifted to the exact location.


Casters allow you to move your rack manually so you don’t have to sit around waiting for a lift truck! We have different wheel types and capacities. You can also choose between rigid, swivel and whether or not you want brakes. The options are endless. Turn your industrial racks into cart racks.


Runners can be used when your operators prefer to push the racks around on your floor; carts without casters.

Custom Paint Colors

Just pick out a color or an RAL # and we can powder coat racks in any color of your choice.


We can add your company’s name, tracking number, capacity etc. to each rack at a nominal cost.

Containment Panels

Containment panels can transform your rack into a bin.

Fold-Down Sides

Fold-down sides greatly reduce storage space and return shipping costs of empty folding racks.

Containment Panels

Containment panels can transform your rack into a bin.

Hoist Rings

We can add hoist hooks at various locations depending on the style of rack so you can safely lift the rack with a hoist.

Interior Dunnage

We create the interior of your rack to cradle and protect your products while they’re being moved. We create this “Dunnage” out of metal, plastic and rubber. Shipping containers used for automotive racks often contain various dunnage parts to support body parts during transport.

Post Storage

For many others, please contact us for details.

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