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Many bike companies have a delicate problem.  How to showcase tires in an attractive manner, without warping or  damaging tires that may need to be stored for months at a time.  This leads many companies to try different  storage methods, attempting to balance ease of access and attractiveness of display by stacking tires, or keeping  them in displays along the wall.  However, the best way to accomplish these goals is with a retail tire rack.

Tier-Rack Corporation of St. Louis, MO, designs and manufactures retail tire racks to specifications, along with  keeping standardized racks on hand for companies that want to upgrade their storage quickly.  These racks are on  wheels, easily portable, and allow the customers and employees alike to identify their tire and examine its  condition.  These work both as retail tire carts for display and rolling inventory for the technicians who need  access to them in order to utilize them.

Since 1955, Tier-Rack Corp has used their Tier-Rack storage system to store tires, boxes, fabric, pipe,  elecronics, bicycles, furniture, food, beverages, and almost any product that can be kept in a warehouse.  Any company that uses pallets can use this product, which stacks frames on top of your existing wood pallets to create  vertical space.These will allow a company to stack 3 to 5 loads of crushable of fragile products, as well as  awkward, non-stackable product.  

When the frames aren’t being utilized, they take up a small amount of space, folding down to conserve your  precious warehouse space.    

For more information on Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frames, visit https://tier-rack.com/

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