custom warehouse storage racks and stack racks
425 Sovereign Ct. St. Louis, MO 63011


Tier-Rack is a premier manufacturer of high-quality stack racks, portable racks, storage bins, warehouse stacking racks, and specialized shipping racks. With over 55 years in business, Tier-Rack proudly produces these racks in its own facilities using robust materials. We avoid using thinner 16 GA material to ensure quality.

We offer factory-direct prices on both new and used stacking racks, as well as rigid and collapsible corrugated metal containers. Our stack racks enhance material handling efficiency, reduce handling time, and utilize vertical air space to save floor space. Tier-Racks warehouse stacking racks feature a high-quality powder coat paint finish, are designed for storing challenging items, and are collapsible for easy storage when empty. Options include attachable sides, posts, or end frames, making our stack racks ideal for tire storage.

Tier-Rack’s stacking racks are a superior alternative to other warehouse stacking racks due to their flexibility. They allow for bulk storage without aisles to conserve space for non-perishable items, can be condensed and moved aside when not in use for seasonal items, and are perfect for shipping products or relocating items within your warehouse.

Tier-Rack’s portable stack rack is preferred to common pallet rack for many applications due to it’s flexibility.  It can be bulk stored with no aisles to save space on non perishable items or condensed down and moved to a corner when not in use for seasonal items.  Stack rack can also serve to ship product out to customers or move product around your warehouse.

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