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Tier-Rack manufactures movable rack that save time and valuable storage space in your warehouse or business.  These movable racks are sturdy and can easily handle the rigorous demands that you require. All made of steel, they will allow the best floor management there is for your warehouse or businesses’ movable storage systems. Tier-Rack can design a movable rack specifically for your product(s).

Some of the options that Tier-Rack movable racks offer can be a real time saver for your warehouse or business. Those options include movable shelving, modular rack, mobile material handling, carts, movable storage racks, and bins. If you need some advice on selecting the best movable racking system for your application. Please feel free to call us, and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives would be happy to help you. See why Tier-Rack is the leader in movable racks since 1955.

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Discover the Benefits of Tier-Rack's Mobile Racking Systems

If you’re looking to enhance your warehouse efficiency and adaptability, consider the benefits of a mobile racking system. At Tier-Rack, we specialize in designing versatile and robust racking options that cater to various industrial needs. Whether you’re looking to maximize warehouse space, improve accessibility, or enhance overall operational efficiency, our mobile racks offer the flexibility and durability required to meet the challenges of modern storage demands. 

Explore how our tailored solutions can transform your storage strategies, helping you achieve optimal space utilization and streamlined inventory management.

Mobile racking system

Types of Mobile Racking Systems

Our range of mobile racks includes various types designed to meet diverse industry needs. Here are some options available:


  • Stackable Racks: Ideal for vertical storage, stackable racks are engineered to maximize floor space while ensuring easy access to stored items. They are perfect for warehouses looking to enhance space efficiency without compromising accessibility. Find more about our stackable options. 
  • Foldable Racks: Foldable racks can be collapsed when not in use, making them perfect for operations where space is at a premium. Their easy-to-store feature helps maintain a clutter-free environment, which is essential for operational efficiency. 
  • Pallet Frames: Our original pallet racking frames are customizable to fit standard and non-standard pallet sizes. They enhance the versatility of your storage solutions, which is particularly beneficial for operations that require flexibility in terms of storage size and specifications. 


Each type of mobile rack offers specific benefits, ensuring that whatever your storage needs, we have a rack to match. This diverse range ensures that you can find the ideal solution to improve your operational efficiency and space.

Optimize Your Space With Our Mobile Racks

Embrace the power of mobile racking systems to drastically improve your warehouse’s space efficiency. These systems are not just about storing more; they’re about optimizing every square foot of your facility. With options like adjustable heights and mobile configurations, you can reorganize and adapt your storage areas to seasonal demands or shifting inventory needs without costly renovations.

Space-Saving Configurations

Our mobile racks are engineered for maximum space efficiency with configurations that can transform any warehouse layout. Features like adjustable shelving and the ability to stack units vertically mean you can customize the setup to fit your spatial and operational needs, making every inch count.

Custom Solutions for Your Needs

No two storage challenges are the same, and our mobile racking systems reflect this reality. We offer bespoke solutions that are specifically engineered to adapt to your operational specifications, ensuring that whatever your storage conditions, our racks will provide the support and functionality you need.

How to Use Tier-Rack's Folding Racks

Discover how simple it is to use Tier-Rack’s folding racks in this informative video.

FAQs About Mobile Racks

If you have questions about our mobile racks, we are here to help. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

Choosing the right mobile racking system depends on your unique storage requirements and available space. Tier-Rack Corporation provides expert guidance tailored to your needs, offering a range of mobile racks that can be customized to maximize your storage efficiency. Whether you need stackable, portable, or movable rack options, their specialists are equipped to suggest the best solutions that enhance floor management and operational flow in your warehouse or facility.​

Mobile racks require minimal maintenance, ensuring a long-term, cost-effective storage solution. Routine inspections are recommended to maintain optimal performance and durability of the racks. These inspections help identify and address any potential issues early, thus extending the life of your racks and ensuring they continue to meet your storage needs effectively​.

To order custom mobile racks, simply contact Tier-Rack Corporation’s sales team. They are ready to assist you in designing a storage solution that perfectly fits your specific requirements, from dimensions to load capacity. Their approach is to provide personalized service to ensure each client receives a mobile racking system that enhances operational efficiency and maximizes warehouse space​.

Not at all. Tier-Rack mobile racks are designed for easy installation. Their user-friendly design allows for quick assembly without the need for extensive tools or technical skills. This ease of setup ensures that you can get your storage systems up and running promptly, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity in your operations​.

Improve Your Warehouse With Tier-Rack's Solutions

With Tier-Rack’s mobile racking systems, you can take your warehouse operations to a new level of efficiency. These versatile and robust systems are key to leveraging your existing space and enhancing operational capacity. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can assist in optimizing your storage areas.

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