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Custom Rack Solutions Since 1955

Tier-Rack offers a comprehensive range of warehouse storage racks designed to streamline your storage operations. From stack racks to industrial-grade storage options, our versatile solutions cater to diverse storage needs. Explore our selection of portable racks and applications to maximize space and efficiency in your facility.

Exploring Tier-Rack's Product Spectrum

Tier-Rack leads the industry in innovative storage solutions, offering a diverse array of products designed to meet the unique needs of warehouses and storage facilities. Tier-Rack caters to a wide range of requirements from robust stack racks that optimize space and efficiency to versatile used pallet racks. Our offerings also extend to custom designs, ensuring that every storage challenge is met with a tailored solution. Discover the full spectrum of Tier-Rack’s products, each engineered to elevate your storage strategy.


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Stack Racks
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Custom Rack Solutions Since 1955

Our portable stacking racks and rack systems are designed to handle and store even the most fragile, odd-shaped, and awkward merchandise. They can be designed to transport two loads at a time. Our stack racks reduce handling time, stack four to six high, and they are capable of supporting thousands of pounds per unit load. All styles of racking are engineered to meet and/or exceed the “2-to-1” safety factor established by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) for portable rack design specifications.


Who We Are

Tier-Rack LLC. has been a leader in rack solutions and flexible warehouse racking systems for fifty years. The original TIER-RACK LLC.® pallet stacking frame converts regular warehouse pallets into sturdy storage racks in seconds without screws or bolts. And the Load-Nester® all-steel storage rack features light and heavy duty models of solid all-welded, knock-down, or nestable designs for all your material handling needs.

FAQs About Tier-Rack

We know you may have questions about storage solutions and how Tier-Rack can help your business. To help you better understand, we have answered a few of the most common questions we hear.

What Types of Storage Solutions Does Tier-Rack Offer?

Tier-Rack provides an extensive array of warehouse storage solutions, including portable stack racks, pallet racks, and custom storage applications. These offerings are designed to cater to diverse storage needs, ensuring that businesses can find the ideal solution to optimize their storage space and improve warehouse efficiency.

Can Tier-Rack's Products Be Customized for Specific Storage Requirements?

Absolutely. Tier-Rack excels in delivering customizable racking solutions tailored to meet unique and specific storage challenges. This customization extends from dimensions to materials used, ensuring that each client receives a storage solution that maximizes their operational efficiency and space utilization.

Are Tier-Rack's Products Made in the USA?

Indeed, Tier-Rack takes pride in manufacturing all of our high-quality storage racks and bins within the United States. This commitment to domestic production ensures that customers receive products made to the highest standards of quality and durability, supporting American industry and workforce.

What Industries Can Benefit From Tier-Rack's Storage Solutions?

Tier-Rack’s versatile storage solutions are designed to support a wide range of industries, including but not limited to automotive, agriculture, and distribution centers. These solutions are crafted to provide efficient, reliable, and customizable storage options to meet the specific needs of various applications across different sectors.

How Does Tier-Rack Ensure the Safety and Durability of Its Products?

Tier-Rack’s commitment to safety and durability is evident in our engineering standards, which meet or exceed the “2-to-1” safety factor recommended by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI). This ensures that all products are capable of supporting significant loads with reliability, offering peace of mind to businesses relying on Tier-Rack for their storage needs.

Discover How Tier-Rack Storage Solutions Can Help Your Business

Maximize your storage efficiency with Tier-Rack! Discover our innovative and customizable storage solutions designed for any industry. Experience the durability and reliability of American-made racks and bins. Get in touch today to transform your storage space!

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