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It’s a story we have heard all too often in the past few years.  A local company loses business to overseas competition and is forced to close its doors.  But Tier-Rack and its employees simply won’t go down without a fight.

 Tier-Rack is only one of a very few stack rack companies in the country that sells 100% American-Made Products.  Our mission is to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs by providing American consumers a quality made to order rack and e-commerce site that guarantees that each product sold is entirely American in materials and labor.

                                                                                               Our customers know they are helping to feed an American family     when they purchase Tier-Rack racks.  And, each manufacturing job has a positive economic impact of providing four     additional jobs for the benefit of the U.S. econom

  • All materials used in our racks are sourced in America
  • Corporate office and both of our manufacturing locations are located in the good old US of A
  • Tubing is sourced from several locations in the US
    Please support Tier-Rack’s mission to save and create American Jobs.
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