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Tires can be a difficult storage issue.  As a product, they are malleable and soft, yet need to be perfectly round and flawless for customers to avoid blowouts.  An improperly stored tire is a ticking time bomb that can lead to blowouts, accidents, and deaths.  Finding the medium between storing tires safely and cost efficiency can be hard to discover.

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That’s where Tier-Rack Corporation can help.  Tires can be stored on racks, but is there another way to store tires effectively in a rack besides straight up and down or stacked?  The Tier-Rack Tire Rack Basket answers this question.  Wire baskets across the boards of the racks hold tires in place safly, while the wires are spaced to create a safe landing area that supports and cradles the tires, keeping them from developing “dead spots” and warping.  This ensures that whether tires are being stored for customer use or as part of fleet maintenance, that all tires will be stored safely.

Since 1955, Tier-Rack Corp has used their Tier-Rack storage system to store tires, boxes, fabric, pipe, elecronics, bicycles, furniture, food, beverages, and almost any product that can be kept in a warehouse.  Any company that uses pallets can use this product, which stacks frames on top of your existing wood pallets to create vertical space.These will allow a company to stack 3 to 5 loads of crushable of fragile products, as well as awkward, non-stackable product.  

When the frames aren’t being utilized, they take up a small amount of space, folding down to conserve your precious warehouse space.    

For more information on Tier Rack Pallet Stacking Frames, visit https://tier-rack.com/ today.

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