custom warehouse storage racks and stack racks
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Tier-Rack® portable racks are used by thousands of customers in hundreds of industries. Some of our customers use our portable stacking rack as standard warehouse racks, or as a stacking bin. In this case they place their product directly on our mobile rack and save the cost of wooden pallets.

The protection provided by the corner posts of the portable rack is a primary benefit. Bulky or hard-to-stack products are contained within the corner posts of the mobile storage racks. This provides stability for goods on the portable pallet when moving it within the warehouse or factory.Others who use wood pallets and need to stack without causing product damage, find that our Tier-Rack® Pallet Stacking Frames fits their needs. The steel frame of the Tier-Rack® stacking rack clips onto the wood pallet, providing a secure “cage” that both allows the pallets to be safely stacked and protects the products within the rack enclosure.

Another use of portable storage racks is for handling work-in-process parts; a metal bin that holds several parts at one time, reducing plant traffic. They are custom racks designed to meet your needs, whether the parts to be handled are delicate or massive. Usually, these parts racks are designed as folding racks or collapsible racks.

Nestable racks are another type of portable stacking racks. These racks can be “nested”, or stacked inside of each other when empty, without removing the corner posts. Our Load-Nester® stacking racks nest when not in use, and carry and stack loads of 4,000 pounds per rack or more. This can be beneficial in an active warehouse where unused space is at a premium.
Whatever the application, whether it is for portable stack rack shipping racks, nesting racks, portable cart or warehouse storage racks – Tier-Rack has a portable stack rack that will do the job.

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