custom warehouse storage racks and stack racks
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  • Protect your products
  • Removable posts
  • Stacks 3-5 high
  • Containment for long parts
  • Light or heavy loads
  • See Additional Options

This portable rack is designed to contain products during transportation and storage. The stacking posts are inset from the corners to keep long items from falling off the rack. Common applications include made to order carpet rack and pad rack, fabric rack, and pipe storage rack. The containment posts on the portable stack rack allow many more pieces to be held in the rack than would be possible on an uncontained pallet. Full racks can be easily moved throughout your facility by a fork lift truck, which can greatly reduce material handling time. Many sizes and load capacities are available. You can also add many [OPTIONS] to the rack so it better meets your requirements.

One advantage with using Tier-Rack®portable racks has been the cost savings associated with unloading incoming material onto racks. Customers report that the time it takes to unload unpalletized trucks has been reduced by over 50% through the use of our portable storage racks. The incoming material is loaded directly onto the rack, and full bins are carried by fork lift to the storage area.

 Most stacking racks can be securely stacked three to five high when fully loaded, or condensed into compact bundles for shipping or storing when empty. Used as warehouse rack, manufacturing racks, and shipping containers, these racks save space, reduce material handling time and save their users money. Call or e-mail us today with your requirements and we will supply you with a free quotation for an appropriate rack system.

Load-Nester ® Model LN-5 Gallery
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