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Here is what some of our customers have to say about us!

They worked amazingly!  Thank you for recommending them.  We are rearranging our warehouse now and seeing if we can use more.  I’ll keep you posted.

I've included a photo of them - we sanded and repainted them - Looking sharp! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
I thought that you would like a picture of your racks in service. As you can see I need more!
"Thanks for reaching out and keeping us in mind. Both styles of rack we purchased from you have been excellent. To be honest, had we not bought these we would be completely out of floor space and might not even be able to support the business due to space requirements. That being said we have the perfect amount that allows us to replenish our markets every week and save an incredible amount of space. Do you know what the weight capacity is on the ones we purchased last from you? We currently stack them 6 high with about 1500 lbs on each rack".It was very hectic. I received the truck load and 4 additional stacks and still required sawing off 12” from height, 1,680 cuts. My client used 2 trucks and shoved over 400 pallet loads in 5 days. Each of the racks assembled easily, there were a few “extra” legs that covered the 3 that were bent beyond straightening in shipping. I panicked near the middle thinking I may have required 5 extra stacks and self- confused by having paid in advance for one. I am aware that from the top down your firm stood ready to supplement my quantity and worry about billing later after my crisis was silenced, for that and the excellent service all along I thank youse guy’s (Yankee for Ya’ll) Early in this process your sales guidance made storing documents feasible in my warehouse, I achieved a 3 yr lease in a large part because of the innovative storage option. From my original inquiry several months ago, thru the completion and even after the sale you have helped immensely, so thanks yet again.
Adrian Steel Co. Cargo Management Solutions for Commercial Vehicles
Racks appear to be quality built and are working just fine. The service was very timely and shipped a couple days early. We appreciate everything you done to work with us on this project. I am sure we will be buying some more of these racks in the future.
Yes ,we are pleased, they look and fit well. Please quote the same quantity and lead time .
They are terrific! We would have had much more trouble fitting the amount of product we have into the space we have without them. I will definitely keep you in mind when we review this year and make plans for next year. Thank you!
Yes we are quite happy with the racks, I have had several compliments on how clean they are and how well it helps organize and clean up our area. 1 or 2 issues but those were created by the department so they are not reflected on your work or design, something we are taking care of internally. Otherwise, they look great and function as we planned. Many thanks!
Thank you! These racks have changed our operation, improved our efficiencies and material handling.
Traffic Manager
Great! Exactly what I expected and then some. Product is nesting extremely well, probably just because they are brand new and haven’t been knocked around for a few years. When I need more you will certainly be who I call.
"Racks continue to work great for us. We currently do not have any further needs but have passed this photos of these on to a couple of our sister plants for future reference as they continue to grow as well. "
Industrial Packaging Manager
“We started assembling these, and I thought I would let you know that we are impressed. We've never bought an individual stack rack we didn't need to do any welding to for additional stability with our usage. These racks put together more stable with no additional work done to them than our other racks with welding supports added in our facility. Thanks for the help on this.”
Midwest Manufacturer
If I’m reading these right, it looks like a brilliant solution. Your team put filler blocks on the posts of the new rack, so that they “duplicate” what happens with the old rack, right? So the same sides work on all the racks. Here is the PO and the approved drawings. I do appreciate your team coming up with an excellent solution (and you’re good notes about even remembering that we needed a little more clearance between the pockets).
Automotive supplier in the Midwest
"Good Afternoon - I thought you might like reading this story about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection (see the link below). Your racks are pictured in the article and are used to store the boxes and boxes of remembrances that are left at Memorial. Come to DC - and we will give you a fabulous tour." http://www.livawards.org/pdf/2012/manteuffel.pdf
US Gov't Agency:
"I received the racks yesterday and just wanted to let you know they’re exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help."
Carpet Retailer
"I have been very pleased with your level of service and most of all sense of urgency to getting job done. Please thank your team. I will definitely be in touch as additional Tier Rack needs arise."
Major National Retailer:
"I received the racks early this morning. I've had about half of them constructed. So far I am extremely pleased with the service and the product! I'll keep in touch because I am sure we will need more. Also, I'll let you know how they hold up. I appreciate you being so thorough, and I look forward to continuing to do business with your company. Thank you very much. Best Regards,"
Midwest Tire Distributor:
"We definitely are making use of these as we get a lot of overseas product and we need to live unload containers of tires; these racks are a definite improvement over our old style pallet racking as our guys can load these racks without having to stoop underneath the cross bars. Another great improvement is storing the empties is much improved as well. All in all these are working out well!"
Manufacturer in the Great Lakes area:
Thank you for the timely delivery. We are expanding/reorganizing our fabric storage area and these additional racks were key to this project. Once this reorganization is complete, we will assess our needs for any additional racks. Thank you for providing a quality product that stands up to rigorous demands of our production.
Rolled goods manufacturer in NC:
"It is nice to do business with you. I have never met you but you seem like a stand up guy and understand what customer service is all about."
Manufacturer in the Midwest:
“They have made my life easier every day when handling our supplies”
Graphic Designer in Florida:
“We went from handling rolls three times to only once.”
Major US Company:
“We have over 100 in use and they have been a lifesaver”
Textile mill in PA:
“They allowed us to reduce our floor space for this item by 60%”
West Coast Company:
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