custom warehouse storage racks and stack racks
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Tier-Rack can do a complete prototype rack design on site with our 2-D and 3-D CAD systems.  For our customers we can fully invent, develop and prototype the concept so the product could be used right away.

Optimizing your Floor Layout

Tier-Rack can design a warehouse layout that will increase product flow through your plant and optimize your floor space. Whether you are using bins, warehouse rack, cart rack, rack shelving, storage racks, pad rack, tire rack, storage containers, rail rack, or pallet rack, we have a solution to your material handling problems.

Detailed Structural Analysis on your rack

Tier-Rack can perform any type of structural analysis on any type of portable stacking rack. In order for Tier-Rack to give you this type of


analysis we must have the following information:

  1. What sides you will pick up the rack?
  2. Length of fork blades?
  3. Fork blade spacing ?(24” on center)
  4. Type of load applied to the rack? (Surface load, linear load, point load)
  5. Where are the loads being applied to the rack?

Professional Engineering Stamp, certification per state ( PE Stamp )

Tier-Rack can provide you with Engineering Stamps for any future racks or current racks you are using in your warehouse.  If your OSHA inspector wants a P.E. Stamp we will provide the engineer stamp for that given location.   You must have the city, state and zip code for the location you want the engineer seal. Pricing for pe stamps varies by state and region.
Engineering Consulting Services
If your company has consulting engineering services other needs that are not listed please give us a call or fill out the Request our Services form and we will see if we can help you out.

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