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Carpet and carpet pad take up a lot of room when stored on pallets. At most you can arrange the rolls into a pyramid, risking a collapse to the floor unless you shrink wrap the pyramid. Then when you want one or two rolls, you must break down the wrapped pyramid and re wrap it when finished. 

A Tier-Rack® carpet & pad rack allows the carpet or padding to be stacked in a dense bundle, stacked 4 or 5 levels high in the racks. The result is that you can store about three times as many rolls per pallet position than in standard rack and shelving, multiplied by the number of racks high that you can stack. This opens up a large amount of valuable floor space for other uses.

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Optimize Your Storage With Carpet Racks

Warehouses and distribution centers often struggle with efficient carpet storage, facing issues like wasted space, safety hazards, and difficulty in handling heavy rolls. Tier-Rack’s carpet racks provide the perfect solution to these challenges. These racks are designed to maximize storage space, improve safety, and enhance overall operational efficiency. By securely stacking carpet rolls in vertical bundles, they offer a practical and effective way to address common storage problems.

Browse our selection of carpet racks and find one that fits your needs. If you have questions, please contact our team of experts.

Discover the Difference Our Carpet Racking Can Make In Your Warehouse

Carpet racks help this warehouse employee find and store rolls of carpet for customers.

Benefits of Carpet Racks

Effective carpet storage is a significant challenge in many warehouses and distribution centers. Traditional methods often lead to inefficient use of space, increased handling time, and potential damage to the carpets. Tier-Rack’s carpet rack systems provide an advanced solution to these issues, offering numerous advantages that enhance operational efficiency and safety.

  • Maximize Storage Space: Carpet racks allow vertical stacking of carpet rolls, which dramatically increases storage density. This method can store about three times as many rolls per pallet position compared to standard shelving, freeing up valuable floor space for other uses​​.
  • Enhance Safety: By securely stacking carpet rolls in vertical bundles, these racks reduce the risk of damage and accidents. The design ensures that rolls are held in place during transport and storage, preventing falls and maintaining a safe working environment​​.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: These racks are designed for easy movement with forklifts, streamlining the handling process. This mobility allows for quicker unloading and reorganization within the warehouse, significantly reducing labor time and costs​.
  • Durability and Strength: Made from high-quality steel, Tier-Rack’s carpet racks are built to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. The robust construction ensures longevity, making them a reliable investment for any storage facility​.
  • Customizable Options: Carpet storage racks can be tailored to meet specific size and storage requirements. Customization options ensure that the racks fit perfectly into any warehouse setup, optimizing space and improving overall storage management​.

Improve Efficiency With Tier-Rack's Carpet Racking Systems

Tier-Rack’s carpet racking systems are built to last and designed for convenience. They feature robust steel construction for maximum durability, ensuring your carpets are stored safely. With easy forklift access, these systems streamline warehouse operations and can be customized to fit various sizes and storage needs. Customers have reported that they can reduce the time needed to unload a 53-foot trailer by 75% using our carpet racks.

Additionally, these racks provide a high weight capacity, making them suitable for storing heavy and large carpet rolls. The design also includes secure storage to prevent damage and reduce handling time, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Discover more on our specialty racks page​

Applications of Carpet Storage Racks

Tier-Rack’s carpet storage racks are perfect for warehouses and distribution centers that handle large volumes of carpet rolls. These racks maximize storage density, allowing for efficient use of space and easier inventory management. By reducing handling time, they enhance productivity and are essential for large-scale operations. Learn more about their versatility on our portable racks page.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Racking System

Finding the right carpet racking system for your warehouse involves a careful assessment of your storage needs.

  • Measure the size and weight of your carpet rolls to determine the appropriate rack specifications.
  • Consider the layout of your warehouse to ensure optimal space utilization and easy access to the racks.
  • Check the racking system’s durability to ensure it can handle the weight and volume of your carpets.

Enhance Your Warehouse With Our Carpet Racking Systems

Discover the difference Tier-Rack’s carpet racks can make in your warehouse. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable racking solutions designed to enhance storage efficiency and safety.

Tier-Rack's Folding Racks

It’s fast and easy to operate folding racks from Tier-Rack. Watch this video to see the process.

Many rolls of carpet are stacked neatly on warehouse carpet racks.

FAQs About Carpet Racks

We know you may have questions about carpet racks. To help, we have answered a few of the most common questions we hear.
A carpet rack is a specialized storage solution designed to stack and store carpet rolls efficiently. These racks help organize and protect carpets in warehouses and distribution centers.
Carpet racking systems save space by allowing vertical stacking of carpet rolls, which reduces handling time and enhances safety. These systems make it easier to manage inventory and improve overall operational efficiency.
Yes, carpet storage racks can be customized to meet specific size and storage requirements. This flexibility ensures that the racks fit perfectly into any warehouse setup, optimizing space usage.
Yes, these racks are designed for easy transport with forklifts. Their portability allows for quick reorganization of warehouse space, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in storage management.
These racks are made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and strength. The robust construction of carpet racking systems provides a long-lasting storage solution for heavy carpet rolls.

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