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Used Racks for Sale

Discover a wide selection of used racks for sale at Tier-Rack, your premier destination for top-quality used warehouse racks designed to meet a variety of storage needs. Our inventory is stocked with used stack racks, ideal for optimizing space and organization in any warehouse setting. Whether you’re in the market for used industrial racks or looking to improve your storage solutions, Tier-Rack offers durable, cost-effective options to enhance your warehouse efficiency.

Due to increased activity, the list is not fully up to date – please call to inquire about availability.

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Tier-Rack Custom Warehouse Racks, Stack Racks, Wire Mesh Bins, Pad Racks, Pallet Racks, Portable Racks, Moveable Racks

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Used Racks U-01007
Approximate size: 48” x 48” x 60”. All steel used racks available with or without wire mesh decking. Colors may come as blue or light gray. This rack has a mushroom style connection, which is the most sturdy connection there is.

Tier-Rack Custom Warehouse Racks, Stack Racks, Wire Mesh Bins, Pad Racks, Pallet Racks, Portable Racks, Moveable Racks


Item # U-01146 

Stock 60x48H Bases ONLY | U-01146* | FOB MS | 61 in Stock

Tier-Rack Custom Warehouse Racks, Stack Racks, Wire Mesh Bins, Pad Racks, Pallet Racks, Portable Racks, Moveable Racks

ITEM # U-01132

ITEM # U-01132

LN-3 / 50x54x42 | U-01132* | FOB MS | 9 in Stock

ITEM # U-01149

ITEM # U-01149

LN-5 / 91×48 platform size (51.50 O.D.) x 33-54-60″ clear U-01149* FOB NC   Qty 79 Post Heights / 85 posts at 33″, 12 at 54″, 66 at 60″

ITEM # U-01150

Item # U-01150

31 in Stock.  Size is 48×58.  Color is Blue


ITEM # U-01116

Item # U-01116

Size is 72x72x50” high.  Color is Silver 


ITEM # U-01151

ITEM # U-01151

Size is 72x72x60” high.  Color is Orange 80 In Stock



Item #U-01143 
86.5x52x40.25” racks. Like new! Blue / 22 to a bundle (1 FTL) Great for truck tires or other storage.

Wire mesh Collapsible Bin U-01147

Wire mesh Collapsible Bin U-01147

 39.5W x 47L x32.25″ clr FOB MS

Wire mesh Collapsible Bin U--01148

Wire mesh Collapsible Bin U–01148 

78.5W x 47L x31.75″ clr FOB MS                                

Used 60X60 Stack Rack

Used 60X60 U-01135
Used 60X60 with 48″ inside clearance height. Full Tic Tac Toe Base.

Wire Mesh Bins

Item # U-01104 
Used heavy duty wire mesh bins with fold down front and back.  Estimated at 3,000 lb capacity.
FOB MS.  88 units to a FTL . 

All Steel Tire Rack

Used 60×60 Tire Racks U-01067
Lightly used 60 x 60 stack racks made for and used by a major tire company.  These racks have fork stirrups and a 52″ inside height.  Caps and targets are reversed from standard tire rack.


Item #U-01140
On tread tire racks 42.5 x 67 x 41.5”  Blue  We made these originally! 


Item #U-01139 
On tread tire racks 42.5 x 67 x 41.5” Blue We made these originally!

40 available


Item #U-01119
48×54 with a 43.25” inside clear height.  Blue with wood plank decking FOB MS. 24 to a bundle 

LN-5 style

ITEM # U-01151
These 97” x 27” racks have some flimsy plywood that can stay or be removed.  Perfect for pvc, or other longer items such as trim, moulding, aluminum extrustions, etc… 

LN-5 style

Item # U-01118

These 51 x 51 used portable racks have some cheap plywood which can be removed or left in place.  A GREAT size for many applications including standard pallets. 

Tire Lacing Rack

Item # U-01120
These tire lacing racks have some surface rust but structurally in good shape.  These fold down racks are good for storing large diameter tires barrel stacked or on tread and for lacing of regular passenger tires.

Sold Out

LN-2 with wood plank decking

Item # U-01122 These LN-2 racks have the front posts spread and the rear posts inset and wood plank decking making them perfect for super sacks, tires and many other applications.

Coming back in stock, reserve now

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Steel Portable Stack Racks U-01060
Approximate size: 42 x 48 x 35”. Gently used portable stack rack with fixed posts. Clean up your floors by going vertical with your product in these versatile mobile racks. Move product around your warehouse more efficiently. Replaces bolt to the floor pallet rack. Handles all types of product from boxed and palletized items. 100 units per truckload. SOLD OUT

ITUsed Wire Mesh Bins

Used Wire Mesh Bins U-01083
Used custom made heavy duty stackable wire mesh bins.  Unpainted but in very good condition. SOLD OUT

Used Carpet Pad Rack

Used Carpet Pad Racks U-01084 These racks were made to handle the spreading load of rolls of carpet pad or other fabric.  They are 74″ long, 49″ wide between the posts and have a 67.5″ inside clear height.  They also have sheet steel decking. SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Used Stackable Racks U-01072 Approximate size:48” x 42” x 36” Although the posts show a clear height of 36”, there is actually about 40” of clear useable space. SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Portable Stack Racks U-01073 Approximate size: 48” x 60” x 60” Heavy duty steel racks. A couple different slight variations, most have decking. SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stacking Bins

Wire Mesh Stacking Bins U-01068 Approximate size: 41.625” D X 76.25” W x 26 or 62 H” These all steel wire mesh bins are perfect for holding loose parts and stack up to save space. Stackable containers with wire mesh flooring SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Selling Used Rack U-01069
Size: 48″x60″ O.D. Bases with 48″ Clear Posts. Dyna Stack Racks with a 4.000 lb capacity per unit made to stack 5 high. SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Used Stack Racks U-01025
Approximate size: 68”w x 58”d x 60”h. These all steel Load Nester style racks with removable posts are perfect for carpet or carpet pad. Good condition.SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Pre Owned Racks U-01028
Approximate size: 48×48 x 56” Used portable steel racks also known as used stack racks, similar to pallet rack. Great for storing any type of product! These are useful material handling racks to store, and transport goods.SOLD OUT

LN-5 All steel stack racks

LN-5 All steel stack racks U-01006
Outside dimensions 56″ x 48″ x 27.5h Black, with mushroom target stacking connection for maximum stability, LN-5 design storage racks, LIKE NEW!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD OUT

LN-4, All Steel Stack Rack

LN-4 Stack Racks U-01014
Approximate size: 48”w x 44”d x 48”h. Similar to pallet rack, these portable stack racks are in very good condition and are of a 1 piece design (posts are non removable). These material handling racks are perfect for bulk bags, building materials, boxed items and standard palletized loads. SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Used Warehouse Shelving U-01062
Approximate size: 50.5” x 50.5” x 48”. Portable all steel stack rack, tire rack perfect for maximizing storage space in your warehouse or distribution center. 1.5 sq tubing. SOLD OUT


LN-3 Steel Rack U-01018
Outside dimensions 66.5″ x 66.5″ x 65″h. Perfect for oversized tires. Rated at 2000# stacked 4 high. Some have slight surface rust, overall very good condition.SOLD OUT

LN-5 style

Item # U-01108
LN-5 style
125 available / platform size is 49”w x 48”d x 64”h / FOB Como, MS. / sold in stacks of 24.SOLD OUT

LN-3 style

Item # U-01116 LN-3 style 98 available / Stirrups and wire mesh decking / 72×72” O.D. with a 50” inside height / Gray / FOB Lexington, NC. 27292. SOLD OUT


ln-3 Suspended Roll Rack U-01040
Suspended roll rack/coil rack will hold a coil of product up to 42″ in diameter and 60″ wide.SOLD OUT

LN-3, All Steel Stack Rack

Stack Racks U-01070
Outside dimensions 48 x 80 with a 60″ inside height.  These stackers can go 3 high or more.  A couple different post variations. Lightly used rack and in excellent shape!e.SOLD OUT

LN-3 style

Item # U-01110
42×60 with either 26” or 40” posts. 2 socket heights, some with wood deck boards.
LN-3 style / very heavy duty / Red / 113 available.SOLD OUT

Used 48x60 Stack Racks

Item # U-01130
These 48×60 racks have decking but is varied in style of decking, color and post heights.  Great size for many applications including 48×48 pallet loads.  Call for more info on post heights available.SOLD OUT

LN-3 style

Item # U-01115
LN-3 style
105 available FOB Como, MS. / with fork stirrups and mesh decking / Gray / 51.5X51.5 nets a 48×48 I.D. with 65” I.D. height posts.SOLD OUT

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