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Tier-Rack Corporation Launches Easy-to-Assemble Warehouse Racks for Industrial Warehouse Storage Needs

Make the most of the warehouse with Tier-Rack’s racks and storage solutions selection. Tier-Rack has the highest quality warehouse racks in the USA.

Tier-Rack Corporation introduces a new line of Storage Racks that meet industrial storage needs. Tier-Rack Corporation is a leading provider of storage, organization, and material handling solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs for commercial and residential storage needs. The company’s new line of heavy-duty, easy-to-assemble stack racks is a new solution to the growing need in the industry. The new rack system allows users to add additional racks to fit their needs. The sturdy steel construction includes an anti-rust coating that will protect the racks from inclement weather conditions, ensuring that the racks last for years.

The easy assembly makes it simple for anyone to put together. The top and bottom pieces slide together, along with shelf pins that lock into place. With no screws required, users are able to assemble multiple units in a short period of time. The ease of use allows companies to get their storage spaces up and running in no time.

“At Tier-Rack Corporation, we are committed to providing the highest quality warehouse racks and storage solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our warehouse racks and storage bins are designed to help you maximize your warehouse space while providing reliable storage solutions with our durable, all-steel construction. Our racks are easy to assemble without the need for tools, and can be configured to fit any size warehouse or storage space. We offer a wide range of models, including light and heavy duty, knock-down, and nestable designs to suit any application. Our customer service team is here to help you select the perfect warehouse rack and tire racks for your needs and make sure it is installed properly.” According to a company representative.

“I recently purchased a Tier-Rack Pallet Racks for my business, and I am very pleased with the quality and performance of the product. The rack is easy to assemble and is very sturdy. I would definitely recommend Tier-Rack Corporation to anyone looking for quality warehouse racks.” Said a customer.

About Tier-Rack Corporation

Tier-rack Corporation is a warehouse racks specialist featuring heavy-duty construction that can handle a wide variety of items. Its racks are built to last and feature a durable all-steel construction that can handle even the heaviest loads. Furthermore, Tier-rack storage racks are also designed to be easy to assemble and can be reconfigured to fit any size warehouse or storage space. The company offers a wide selection of models, including light and heavy-duty, knock-down, industrial racks, and nestable designs to suit any application.

For more information on our warehouse racks, please get in touch with us at (636) 256-1358 or visit our website at https://tier-rack.com/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Tier-Rack-Corporation-258572583029/


Company: Tier-Rack Corp
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Phone: (636) 256-1358
Country: USA
Website: https://tier-rack.com/

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