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Cheap Is Expensive: The Real Relationship Between Value And Money

Cheap Is Expensive: The Real Relationship Between Value And Money

It is tempting.

It is very tempting, indeed, to go with the company that offers solutions at the most affordable price point. However, falling prey to temptation hardly ever works out.

The importance of meeting your customers’ needs and expectations is crucial if you want to strengthen your business and forge a sustainable model for growth. If you work in the logistics industry, i.e., operating warehouses and managing inventory, your entire business strategy should be based on this simple, yet undeniable truth.

Thankfully, the market landscape offers logistics businesses, regardless of size or complexity, a number of tools with which to achieve this. However, it is not just about the systems that are put in place, because the quality of these systems will affect pivotal aspects of your company such as ease of access, ease of use, and control of your inventory.

When you operate in a warehouse environment and are looking for solutions to strengthen your business operations, you want to acquire solutions that offer a strong balance of the following traits:





These are the main traits to look for in terms of quality. But, as always, at the end of this list of traits, you find Price!

And while most of us intrinsically understand that we must always strive to find a balance between ALL of these traits, most of us have been guilty, at one time or another, of believing that sacrificing quality in order to lower a price is an acceptable business model to follow.

This, however, could not be further from the truth.

What good will it do if your chosen solution does not allow you to have control of your projects?

What good will it do if your chosen system does not allow you to easily adapt to your customer’s needs?

In other words, what good will it do if you forego access and control of your systems in order to save a few bucks?

It’s as simple as this: It won’t do any good if you buy into a cheap solution or system, and you end up having to spend more money than necessary to make up for its shortcomings.

Cheap is Expensive!

Buying cheap for cheapness sake is a risk that has virtually no payoff. By spending less, you get further and further from the ideal situation in which your business is able to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Tier-Rack understands this truth intimately.

Tier-Rack works very hard to strike the ideal balance between offering practical and effective solutions at a competitive price point. In fact, Tier-Rack’s entire catalog of racking and stacking solutions has been meticulously tailored to offer our customers such balance.

We could always produce cheaper racks by sacrificing quality, but our customers would ultimately pay for that. When a bid price seems too low, trust us,there is likely a very real reason for that.

Here at Tier-Rack, we take pride in our ability to guide our customers when they must make important decisions such as which racking and stacking solutions are best for them. For us, price is secondary to the growth of your company and the achievement of your goals.

We work FOR our clients and we love to be part of the reason behind their success.

Do you want to optimize your business operations and generate a greater impact on YOUR customers? ALWAYS choose quality. ALWAYS Choose Tier-Rack.

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