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425 Sovereign Ct. St. Louis, MO 63011


ITEM # U-01118

Type of Rack:  Used LN-5 Stack Racks
Size O.D: 51″ x 51″ x 48”h
Size I.D:  47 x 45 x 42” h
Location of Stack Racks: MS
Qty: 414 IN STOCK
Bundles of 24
FTL is 240
Capacity: 1,500 lbs Stack 3 High
Unit Weight is 140 lbs
Bundled Size 62x60x79”h
Color:  Gray
Item#: U-01118
Sell Used Stack Rack Price: Call for price

All Used Stack Racks Inventory is Subject to Prior Sale

Description:  These 51 x 51 used portable racks have some cheap plywood which can be removed or left in place.  A GREAT size for many applications including standard pallets

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