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This is a very versatile nestable stack rack. It can hold heavy loads (they are typically stacked in tiers of 4 or 5 racks, with each rack holding 2,000 to 4,000 pounds).

This nesting rack is uniquely designed. Unlike empty industrial racking , the LN-2 model steel rack can be “nested”- one rack set inside another rack – up to 6 or 7 at a time, without the need to remove the posts, thus saving time and floor space.

Even greater space savings can be achieved by removing the posts from our nesting bin to create a manageable stack. This feature is helpful during seasonal or production fluctuations when fewer nesting racks are needed. This also reduces your costs when these stacking racks are used as shipping racksand  are returned empty from your customers.


When in use storing product, these stacking racks can be front-loaded with full pallet loads without removing the front posts. This is because the front posts are farther apart than the posts in the rear of the rack. The spacing of the rear posts offers an additional benefit by acting as a “stop” for the pallet load, so the forklift operator does not have to judge how far into the rack the load should go.

These racks do it all! Used in manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, cold storage – just about anywhere. Load-Nester® portable stacking racks can protect products from damage, permit economical dense storage of seasonal goods, provide containment for difficult to store items, and reduce the cost of material handling.

If you would like to see LN-2 options, please click here.

Let us show you how our years of manufacturing experience can provide you with quality collapsible racks at a very affordable price. We buy steel tubing directly from the tube mills in truckload quantities. Then our talented and efficient teams in our low overhead production facilities transform the steel tubing into high quality portable racks that have been designed to meet your needs. Give us a chance to prove to you that nobody does it better than Tier-Rack! Whether you need 100,000 racks or 10 racks, Tier-Rack is your best choice for stackable bins.

Load-Nester® Model LN-2 Gallery

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