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Why Use Tier-Rack?

Why Us?

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The reasons you should use Tier-Rack LLC. for your next stack rack project are summarized in our slogan: High Quality – Great Service – Low Prices. Our experienced design team will work with you to make sure that you get the High Quality rack that you need. This means that not only is the rack the right size  for your application, but also that the right steel is used to handle your loads safely. Tier-Rack was a founding member of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), which established the standards used by complying manufacturers of portable stack racks. We take the safety of our rack designs very seriously, for we know that avoiding the possibility of a rack failure is in the best interest of everyone. 

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At Tier-Rack LLC., our commitment to Great Service takes many forms. We have experienced people who understand how our customers use our racks, so we can understand your requirements and show you how our stack racks can meet your needs. We have provided millions of racks for thousands of customers, so there is a good chance that we have already helped someone with storage needs that are similar to yours. If you have never used portable stack racks in the past, we strongly encourage you to order a few samples before placing a larger order. Many times our new customers find that, no matter how carefully they consider their needs, once the samples arrive they discover that they need to tweak some dimension so everything fits perfectly. We would rather have you 100% satisfied with your new racks than 95% satisfied.

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The final point in our slogan is Low Prices. We are committed to being the low cost supplier of stacking racks. Our years of experience have provided us the opportunity to learn how to produce quality products efficiently. We have learned which suppliers are reliable and consistently provide top quality steel at fair prices. Our manufacturing plants are located where they can provide reduced freight costs for most of our customers. Our experienced fabricators continue to find ways to reduce the cost of producing racks. Our financial strength means that our suppliers are willing to give us good prices because they know that they will be paid on time. All of these reasons combine to allow us to offer Tier-Rack llc. stacking racks at low prices every day. Whether you need 10 racks or 100,000 racks, Tier-Rack LLC. is your best choice for portable racks, rack shelving, bins, tire racks, used rack, storage bins, shipping racks, pad rack, rack shelving, and material handling equipment..

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