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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Ship Products With Tier-Rack Shipping Racks

Shipping products around the world is a logistical headache at the best of times.  Coordinating times with trucks, trains, planes and tankers to arrive at the destination on-time and with your products intact can be a nightmare.

That’s why finding the right material way to ship your products is imperative.  Whit everything having to be there faster and faster, shippers may cut corners on product safety, putting your product in a precarious position.

Shipping racks from Tier-Rack are the best solution for front-to-back shipping and logistical solutions.  The racks are designed to fit in shipping containers or standalone and give your product the support it deserves while keeping the ability to move it quickly and efficiently.  Tier-Rack shipping racks are made in America with 100% American steel, and are guaranteed.  Tier-Rack will also be with you every step of the way, from sales through implementation.

Tier-Rack can also design custom racks for your company that can help you keep your products safe and sound, regardless of what they are.  Tier-Rack shipping racks can also be used in the warehouse to keep your products stored safely, outside of shipping.  This can help with speed and efficiency.  

Finding the perfect rack isn’t luck.  It just takes a call to Tier-Rack.

Tier-Rack Corporation is a leader in warehouse racks and the inventor of the Stack Rack.  We have provided storage solutions for Fortune 500 Companies and smaller businesses all across the globe.  Please call us at 1-800-325-7869 or visit today to order your warehouse racks and change how your warehouse works.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2019