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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Selling Tires This Winter? Use Tire Racks To Store Them

One issue that tire companies have is getting their stock rotated.  Need to get rugged winter tires out of the back and available?  Well, why not use portable tire racks to get winter tires out front, where the people who need them can get them, and your warehouse staff can access them?  The effect on your warehouse is transformative.  Suddenly, you go from a static warehouse with immovable racks to a dynamic workspace, saving hours of time in your warehouse and letting your employees concentrate on managing the warehouse, not moving product.

Choose the style of tire rack that works best in your operation. Add perforated deck that meets fire codes by allowing water from overhead sprinklers to pass through to the stack racks below and protect the side walls. The ratio of holes to solid deck gives good support to the tires and will not leave marks on the tires in the portable rack.

Another style of stacking rack uses wire mesh decking. This decking is less expensive than perforated metal decking and has larger openings in the deck. This is a good option if your tires are in and out of your warehouse rack frequently and the wire deck doesn't have time to leave marks on your product. Naturally, the least expensive portable stack rack for tires has no decking at all. The inner and outer rack beams are located so they support the tires. This works best if you do not have people standing on the rack as they load or unload the tires, since the rack beams do not provide as secure a work surface as a deck does.

Our center post Tier-Rack® tire stacking frame is a popular alternative for those who appreciate the ease of loading and unloading tires when there are no obstructions on the corners of the stack racks. These tire racks are also the least expensive storage solution for tires available. The frames easily attach to your existing warehouse pallets and will hold loads of 2,000 pounds per pallet when the racks are stacked five high.

If you need shipping containers for tires, we make a folding rack for the economical return of the empty racks. Since the posts are not removed from the rack, there is no concern about losing some posts during the return trip. As with all of our varieties of tire racks, these can be made for any size and load capacity that you need. These shipping racks can be designed with or without decking to meet your needs.  They are strong enough to withstand years of use and material handling.  The tire and rack combination is what all tire distributors must have to store tires effectively


Let us show you how our years of manufacturing experience can provide you with quality tire racks at a very affordable price. We buy steel tubing directly from the tube mills in truckload quantities. Then our talented and efficient teams in our low overhead production facilities transform the steel tubing into high quality steel tire racks that have been designed to meet your needs. Give us a chance to prove to you that nobody does it better than Tier-Rack! Whether you need 100,000 steel tire racks or 10 tire racks, Tier-Rack is your best choice for stackable tire racks.  

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Monday, 20 May 2019