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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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Save Space With Used Nesting Racks


A Used Nesting Rack, when placed in your warehouse, saves space for you.  It's a rack that works as both a Movable Rack and a nestable one - it helps out in bulk storage and is often used for bulk bag storage in warehouses.  If you need to store assets in this way, the Nesting Rack is the way to go.

Sometimes these racks are called a nestainer, jarke cupl-up, nestrack, nesting bin, nestable pallet, or nestable pallets. They can hold heavy loads (they are typically stacked in columns of 4 or 5 racks, with each rack holding 2,000 to 4,000 pounds). Empty racks and bins can be "nested" - one rack set inside another rack - up to 6 or 7 at a time. They are a storage system that saves time because the empty racks can be nested by one fork lift operator. A bundle of nested bins occupies less space than empty standard heavy duty pallet rack. The rear posts act as stops for your loads, so your fork lift operator does not have to guess how far into the nestable pallet the load should go. Many sizes and load capacities are available for Tier-Rack nesting racks.

If you are in the market for a nestable rack that can stack and save space while storing bulk items, the Nesting Rack is the product that will serve you best in your warehouse.  Don't spend another day precariously stacking other racks or leaving bulk bags sitting around your warehouse.  Get organized and save space with Nesting Racks from Tier-Rack.

Call us every day at 800-325-7869 or visit to order your Stack Racks and build your warehouse today!

A Warehouse Of Tire Racks Can Save Your Business
Used Racks Are Available NOW

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019