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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Lead Time for Portable Tire Racks – Inventory - 2 of 4

Inventory Considerations – Tier-Rack products are designed to meet a specific customer’s needs and specifications.  Generally, each order is a custom make-to-order project.  A 60 x60 tire rack, or a 48 x48 warehouse rack may seem common, but each style can have dozens of subtle variations making it unique, but suitable to each customer’s requested needs and required use.

Finished steel products are durable and are expected to last for decades.  Raw steel is perishable and is subject to rust and corrosion if stored over time.  Coatings and rust preventative products are used to eliminate these risks.  However, excess coating or oil finishes on raw steel create health and safety factors in the welding process in addition to environmental challenges in the cleaning and preparation for powder coat painting.

Although Tier-Rack maintains a significant stocking inventory of common sizes on tubular steel, decking components and parts, it is not cost effective or beneficial to bank materials in contemplation of large order needs or every order need.  Two risks are present – (1) Material losing value due to rust or corrosion and (2) having a large supply of item A, when item B is in demand.

The best value is found by securing material to meet a specific order demand for warehouse racks  This allows us to:

a.        Optimize cut lengths or production mult lengths to minimize material waste and costs,

b.       Obtain matched sizing to assure proper telescoping of posts and sockets.  Although each vender is producing under ASTM guidelines, subtle tooling and production variations can create fit issues if we mix product from differing production mills.  For example, special tooling and processes are often required at the tubing mill for obtaining a proper inside dimension for socket material.

c.       Shop competitively and aggressively from our qualified mill producers to secure the best market pricing and lower costs to our customer.

d.      Consistently use prime hot rolled black steel in production, which is superior for safety and environmental reasons.

Steel for5 tire racks.

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