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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Keep Your Tires Safe With Tier-Rack Tire Racks


OK, if you got this far, you're obviously a tire seller or someone who has to store a lot of tires on a regular basis.  Great, you're EXACTLY who I need to talk to.  Let's talk a little bit about storing tires, and how it can be extremely difficult.

Tires are both solid and malleable.  Tthey are heavy, and made to stand up to the pounding of roads, and the pressure of a car on top of them.  Getting tires to stay in the shape they started in, however, isn’t easy.  They’re made of malleable rubber, great for absorbing road shock and keeping your car safe, not great for being stored for months at a time in a hot warehouse.  Tires need to be stored specifically, in a way that they don’t deform.  That’s where tire racks come in handy!

Tire racks are designed with two basic features in mind.  Safety and accessibility.  You should always be able to get to your tires when you need to sell them, and they should be stored in a way that they will not deform or warp.  They also need to be stored in a temperate environment.  Too much cold can damage the rubber, and too much heat and moisture can warp them irretrievably.  A warped tire is a dangerous, unsellable tire, and you can’t afford to lose them to insufficient storage.  Always store tire racks inside, in climate-controlled warehouses to prevent this.

For actually physically holding the tires, the rack should be designed to distribute pressure evenly throughout the surface of the tire, as opposed to one point of contact.  Rack surfaces should have perforated decks, as they allow the tire to sit comfortably while not putting extra pressure on the actual tire.  Too much pressure will force the tire to reform, and cause it to become less stable.  It also will lead to easier blowouts and less reliability, costing you repeat customers.


Call Tier-Rack Corp today at 800-325-7869 or read more at  Tier-Rack has carried the best in tire racks and warehouse racks, including their revolutionary stack rack, since 1955.  

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Thursday, 18 July 2019