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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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Carpet Racks From Tier-Rack Solve Your Carpet Storage Issues

Carpetpad3If you store carpets and pads, you know how difficult it can be.  Rolled products are notoriously hard to store, as they tend to...wander.  You can't use a standard rack, because the rolls are exceptionally long, and will roll off of the side.  A carpet rack from Tier-Rack provides security for your carpet and pad racks, freeing you to use your warehouse to its fullest.

The carpet roll rack also provides security for the rolls of carpet or padding as they are being moved from receiving to the storage area. It is faster and easier for a forklift truck to pick up loaded carpet storage racks than pallets of loose carpet. The rolls are held securely by the uprights as the carpet rack is moved. The rolls don't fall off of the rack like they might from a pallet.

Stage your empty carpet pad rack at the receiving dock. Unload the loose rolls from the truck onto the carpet racking, pick the racks up with your fork lift or pallet jack and move them into your storage area. Customers have reported that they can reduce the time needed to unload a 53’ trailer by 75% using our carpet racks.

Let us show you how our years of manufacturing industrial racking can provide you with quality carpet racks at a very affordable price. We buy steel tubing directly from the tube mills in truckload quantities. Then our talented and efficient teams in our low overhead production facilities transform the steel tubing into high quality carpet shelving that has been designed to meet your needs. Give us a chance to prove to you that nobody does it better than Tier-Rack! Whether you need 100,000 stack racks or 10 stack racks, Tier-Rack is your best choice for a rack system for carpet and carpet padding stacking rack.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019