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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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Buying Used Warehouse Stack Racks


Buying warehouse racks doesn't have to be a difficult process.  If you are a warehouse manager, you need to find a balance between price and product, and get the highest quality item possible for the money you are spending.  That is where used warehouse racks come in.  If you want to save money and get a high-quality rack, you can trust buying used warehouse stack racks from Tier-Rack.

Used warehouse racks are exactly what they say.  They have been in a warehouse and done their job.  We inspect every rack to ensure that the quality is to our high standards before we sell them to you.  Warehouse racks can be expensive, and are even more so if you are constantly replacing them.  If you are getting a guaranteed, used rack that has been inspected by Tier-Rack's professionals, you know you are getting a rack that will last for a great price.

Warehouse racks alone are tough to manage.  Every company has different needs, and even the, the needs can change to show the development of the business and industry.  One year, you may need to have your warehouse ready to deliver your product right away.  The next year, your product may be storing more product for a longer haul, without the need to move the product so quickly and find a way to keep your product long-term, or maybe you need to rotate your product often but keep it in storage.  Whatever the need, you can buy used warehouse racks that will help you keep up with the changes in your industry and company.

Tier-Rack has been a leader in the storage rack and warehouse industry since 1955.  Let our experts hep you find the best used warehouse rack or design the perfect new warehouse rack for your business to help your business grow.

Used Racks In Your Warehouse
Stack Racks Organize Distribution Centers

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019