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Tire Racks for All Industries


 Industrial Storage of Tires

The tire industry encompasses a multibillion-dollar market. This market is dominated by several large players that hold a vast number of manufacturing operations to supply the thousands of vehicle models that populate the roads of the world.

Tier-Rack, the leader in industrial racking and stacking solutions, is ready to supply tire manufacturers and distributors across the industry with high-quality and cost-effective solutions to solve their storage and logistics problems.

Today, we will illustrate the three most common methods of storing tires:

Stacked Storage

The most common way to store tires is to stack them. By using Tier-Racks high-grade system of tire racks, you can store tires in the racks and stack racks on top of each other. As a result of using this method, you use significantly less horizontal space and make more efficient use of your warehouse's vertical space.

Stacked storage requires that all tires have the same dimensions to facilitate the assembly of the stacks as well as hasten the outflow of goods. Safety standards require that all racks be wrapped to prevent tires from falling. This way of storage also facilitates all inventory control of your merchandise since it becomes quickly identifiable and quantifiable. Vertical tire racks are also highly practical and easy to transport.

Interlaced Storage

Another common way to store tires is to use the interlocking method. Interlocking tires are arguably the most effective method of saving warehouse space because each tire is partially stored inside another. By using Tier-Rack's premium tire racks and using the interlocking method of storage, you can easily save up to 40% compared to a stacked storage system.

Interlaced storage is typically used by manufacturers or distributors who handle large volumes of items with the same SKU because it is not necessary to take out all the tires to get to the one you are looking for.

Rolling Storage

Another very popular method for storing tires is on a rolling rack. These rolling racks are a sort of treadmill shelf and storing tires with this method facilitates inventory control and order preparation. A bonus benefit of this method is that you can easily store tires of different sizes on the same rack.

Tier-Rack has a wide offering of rolling racks for storing tires on the treadmill system. Using Tier-Rack's quality racking solutions, you can stack several units vertically and even interlock them to save space, only switching them to a rolling system when needed.

All three methods outlined above each provides specific advantages, allowing you to respond to the specific needs of different types of companies. With Tire-Rack's tire rack solutions, you will save warehouse space, maximize product outflow, and increase profit.

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