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Rack Shelving

Rack Shelving

Tier-Rack Corporation is a leading rack manufacturer that specializes in portable stack rack and steel shelving.

Our portable industrial rack storage systems offer many benefits and flexibility that fixed pallet racking do not. Tier-Rack also offers many related products such as rack shelving and shelving rack.

Rack shelving can refer to decking such as wire mesh. Tier-Rack can provide you with standard or custom sized wire mesh decking along with our production of new stack rack or to retro fit your existing stack racks, pallet rack or shelving with wire mesh or other types of decking. Rack decking can provide support for smaller boxed items or loose stored items. Rack deck also provides a measure of safety if your warehouse workers tend to step on or walk on your racking.



Shelving racks by comparison are racks designed to offer many levels such as a heavy duty shelving unit and can be adjustable, but are for heavy duty industrial uses. Let Tier-Rack design racks and shelving to meet your needs.  Some examples of metal shelving racks can be seen below:

Rack Shelving Gallery

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