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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Tire Racks make For Safer Warehouses


If you're reading this, you probably sell tires.  So you know that they are dificult to manage in a warehouse.  You're basically corralling something meant to travel, after all.  That's why a specialized tire rack is the only way to go when you are deciding on how to store your racks.  

Using a tire rack that is designed specifically for that purpose can eliminate a lot of the hazards that many tire sellers face.  They are built from the ground up with tires in mind, and will keep tires both safely stored and correctly held for maximum effectiveness.  Tire racks hold tires with perforated decking in place and hold the tires in a position that will keep the tires in good shape for the duration.  You'll be able to sell tires that are functional and safe, while keeping your warehouse workers safe from rolling tires.

When most companies decide on the layout of their tire racks for their warehouse, they take several factors into consideration.  Ease of use, maneuverability, and equipment cost are all important matters to consider.  However, the most important is safety.  Knowing that your rack is going to hold up to the stress of everyday use, holding products long-term, and safely distributing the product are paramount to having the safest warehouse for your tire products.

This is where Tier-Rack Corporation is your friend.  Their tire racks are built to last, with only the highest quality metals and welds, to ensure the maximum allowable safety.  They are built to specifications that a company can set their watch by, and as long as the specs are observed, the rack will continue to give the highest possible level of safety and stability for the warehouse.

They also are built for ease of accessibility.  This means that they are designed to hold tires, and if used for this purpose, will allow your warehouse staff to safely and quickly get the products down and onto your customers' cars.  This makes a huge bottom-line difference and can make the difference between profitability and loss for a business.  To find out how Tier-Rack can make your company's warehouse safer and more profitable, visit and call 800-325-7869 to order!

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Sunday, 21 July 2019