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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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Not All Warehouse Racks Are Made the Same


You wouldn’t buy an expensive product for your home without doing some research first, right?  You don’t have to go to the factory, but you’d like to see reviews, or some other feedback before you sink a grand into a TV, right?  It’s the same with a business to business exchange.  When you buy a warehouse rack from a company, you want to know that you’re getting what you paid for.  With Tier-Rack, you will be accompanied at every step by our staff.

Tier-Rack sales people are the first people you talk to when you call to order, and the last people you speak to after you place your order.  For example, when you purchase a tire rack from Tier-Rack, the sales team takes your order, the in house engineering team designs your rack, the United States-based manufacturing warehouse fabricates the rack, and it's delivered to you.  Tier-Rack's sales team also follows with you every step - including helping to deal with inspectors and regulators if necessary.

However, not every company follows these guidelines.  There are horror stories about companies receiving 16 gauge racks instead of the 14 gauge that they have ordered.  How can you determine that you've gotten what you've paid for?  The only way to be sure, and this is with any rack company, is to weigh.  Ask your supplier what the weight should be on these racks, and weigh them when they arrive.  Don't take delivery on racks that come in too light, as that means that the supplier has skimped on the metal, and delivered you an inferior product.  Many racks, particularly those manufactured outside of the US, suffer from lighter gauge tubing and inferior manufacturing, and will not hold up over the long run. 

Tier-Rack Corporation has been a leader in rack solutions and flexible warehouse racking systems for almost sixty years. The original Tier-RackR pallet stacking frame converts regular warehouse pallets into sturdy storage racks in seconds without screws or bolts. And the Load-NesterR all-steel storage rack features light and heavy duty models of solid all-welded, knock-down, or nestable designs for all your material handling needs. Our portable stacking racks and rack systems are designed to handle and store even the most fragile, odd-shaped, and awkward merchandise. They can be designed to transport two loads at a time. Our stack racks reduce handling time, stack up to six high, and they are capable of supporting thousands of pounds per unit load. All Tier-Rack racks are engineered with a "2-to-1" safety factor to ensure the racks will perform safely and last for decades. For more information, visit today.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019