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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Mobile Tire Racks Display Your Tires To Customers


When tire companies, or cpmpanies that need to display tires, have the need to display their wares, they need mobile displays.  The best displays have wheels and show the tread at the same time, allowing you to use them in different ways, or wheel tires from the back to show or compare the tires that they want to see.  This type of stand lets the customer see the tread, width, and depth and compare to get what they want! 

Using a wheeled tire cart or a tire display rack is the best way for any company that sells tires to operate.  These racks are specially designed for both form and function, and make the task of operating a tire dealership much easier.  They show the tires in an attractive manner, and also make them easy to move through repair bays and sales floors.  They are built to safely store and carry the tires, in order to allow for both temporary and long-term storage.  The SC-TIRSTORERACK from Tier-Rack is the ideal solution for these needs.

However, it's not just for tire sellers.  These racks are great for any place that does their own tires and vehicle repair.  If you have a fleet of vehicles, your repair shop can use these retail tire racks to store and move tires throughout your facility as well.  They are an inexpensive solution to a thorny issue, and can save your technicians from having to lug tires all over the repair bay.


Contact Tier-Rack today to order the SC-TIRSTORERACK tire display rack.  Call (800) 325-7869 and visit us at for more information.  Tier-Rack has been the leader in storage rack technology since 1955, when they invented the stack rack.  This technology has given companies the world over the tools to transform and configure their warehouses into efficient, profitable parts of their business.  Let Tier-Rack quote you on your warehouse needs today. 

Your Tire Warehouse Needs Tier-Rack Tire Racks
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Thursday, 18 July 2019