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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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Making Your Warehouse Operate Efficiently


Every warehouse needs to ensure that they run efficiently.  There are certain ways to ensure this, beyond buying the right racks from Tier-Rack.  Here's our list of ways to ensure that your warehouse runs efficiently and safely.

1. Processes Lead to Accountability

Create a series of processes in your warehouse that will make sure that your employees are accountable for inventory and safety.  Make them part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.  Employees that are invested in the safety and viability of the warehouse will make it run more smoothly.

2. When You Make Changes, Let Everyone Know

Post new warehouse policies.  Have meetings.  Build a rapport with the employees in the warehouse to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  All of these will make sure that your employees feel that they have been informed and know what to do.

3. Get Managers and Decision-Makers On the Floor

Senior leadership and managers make decisions all of the time about how the warehouse operates.  Shouldn't they have a first-hand knowledge of the operation?  Let them walk the floor.  Give them an opportunity to see the procedures in action.  Get hands on occasionally.  This helps in two ways.  It gives decision makers much needed intelligence on the operation at ground level, and it shows the employees in the warehouse that their bosses do care about what happens in the warehouse.

4. Have the Right Configuration 

Using the right warehouse configuration for your product and space is crucial.  The key to this is flexibility.  Being able to reconfigure the warehouse on the fly ensures that you can adapt to changes in inventory and personnel.  That's why a Stack Rack from Tier-Rack Corporation is a great fit for any warehouse.  Tier-Rack is a leading manufacturer of quality stack rack, portable rack, storage bins, warehouse rack and specialty shipping racks.  Tier-Rack has been in business for over 55 years and actually manufactures rack in our own facilities out of quality materials, we never use thinner 16 GA material.

Stack racks are durable, portable, collapsible, shippable, low-cost stacking racks that reduce costly product damage associated with bulk stacking, offers better space utilization, product identification and easier handling of product.

Factory direct prices on new and used portable stacking storage racks, pallet stacking frames and rigid or collapsible corrugated metal containers move more material, cut handling time. Pallet stacking frames utilize air space, save floor space. Tier Rack style nest-able storage racks can safely stack up to 5 high. Bulk stack safely while preventing product damage. Stack racks have a high quality powder coat paint finish. Store difficult-to-handle items. Knock down or nests when empty. Attachable sides, posts, or end frames. Stack rack is excellent for tire storage.

Common terms for stack racks are stackable box, stackable container, stackable pallet, stackable racks, stacker, stackers, stackable storage bins, stacking bins, stacking pallet, stack and rack, or simply stacking rack. If you need some advice on selecting the best solution for your application. Please feel free to call us, and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives would be happy to help you. See why Tier-Rack has been the leader in stack rack since 1955.

Tier-Rack's portable stack rack is preferred to common pallet rack for many applications due to it's flexibility.  It can be bulk stored with no aisles to save space on non perishable items or condensed down and moved to a corner when not in use for seasonal items.  Stack rack can also serve to ship product out to customers or move product around your warehouse.

Used Tire Racks Fit the Bill For Your Warehouse
Display Your Tires With Tier-Rack Tire Racks


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019