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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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Let Tier-Rack Repair Your Tire Racks


Tire Racks can be expensive.  They are necessary to keep your stock in good shape, but the price of steel makes them pricy.  If you already have tire racks, but they've gotten older and had a lot of wear, you may be thinking about replacing them.  Before you buy new though, think about utilizing Tier-Rack's repair services.  We can take your tire racks back to working condition and save you thousands of dollars.  If they're beyond repair, you can also buy used tire racks from Tier-Rack!

With the current high prices for steel, it is often more economical to repair a damaged stack rack than to make a new one. With Tier-Rack rack repair & fabrication team we can straighten, grind, refurbish, cut out and replace, touch up or re powder coat damaged sections of portable racks. Tier-Rack repair services will perform the repair work properly so that the original structural load capacity of the rack is maintained. We have the steel and fabricated parts that match the steel and parts on the original stacking racks.

Our fabrication specialists can also refurbish a specialized stacking rack or shipping rack. If your product has been redesigned and the old racks no longer

With Tier-Rack repair services, you are assured that you will have the same quality product with the repaired and reworked racks that you had with the new stack racks. Tier-Rack repair services can also repair pallet racking, bins, industrial shelving ,storage bins, carts, storage containers, tire racks, racks and shelving, used racks, storage racks, any material handling equipment or storage with the redesigned parts, Tier-Rack can modify your old racks to handle the new product. This may require replacing interior supports or supplying new dunnage – let us know what you need and we will offer a solution. Tier-Rack repair services also offers pallet rack repair, or any warehouse rack repair.  Repair rack is what Tier-Rack can do for you.

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Used Tire Racks Can Solve Your Storage Problems

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019