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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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Keep Your Warehouse Safe With These Rack Rules

*Do not carry more than one rack at a time. The racks are manufactured for static loads, not lateral loads.
*Always read the label on the rack for it’s weight capacity and stack height.
*Do not overload racks. Tier-Rack stack racks are engineered to withstand twice the capacity rate just in case this happens.
*Do not use racks with damaged posts or bases. This (as with any type of racking) will greatly reduce the safety of the racking. We suggest if posts or bases are damaged, to call us and we will make replacements for your racks. Then please recycle the damaged material as soon as possible, so no one will grab and use them.
*Do not stack any higher than is stated on the label. Each rack is engineered specifically for each customers maximum weight capacity. If they are stacked higher than they were engineered for, it could cause safety problems for employees.
*Tier-Rack engineers each rack to store product(s) to a given specification that is printed on the label. These calculations assume the weight on the rack is evenly distributed across the rack. Basically, don’t store anything heavy on one side and lightweight on the other. I know it is common sense, but it is good to share this information with the fork truck drivers and employees that may load the racks with product.
*Do not fabricate (drill holes, grind, cut) the posts or bases of the racks without contacting Tier-Rack first. This can cause safety concerns down the road. We can have our engineers on staff calculate if these practices will affect the integrity of the steel and it’s performance short term and long term.
*If you lose a label for the rack, just give us a call and we can send you replacement labels for you. Our labels are heavy duty and last for years, but sometimes they are damaged and knocked off. This is important because it tells your workers the specifications for the rack. If the label is missing it should be replaced immediately.
*Please call Tier-Rack if you are going to ever use the racks for shipment in your trucks or trailers. We can determine if they can safely be stacked, or they may not be stacked while shipping.
We hope this helps you and your employees about the safety of the stackable racks. Please let us know if you ever need anything and we would be glad to help. We appreciate your past business and continued interest in Tier-rack.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019