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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

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How is Powder Coating superior to liquid paint?

Many things determine a quality rack that will stand the test of time.  A powder coated finish is one of those things that will extend the life of your stack racks.  Tier-Rack, a leading manufacturer or portable racks, custom stack rack, returnables and warehouse racking, offers quality powder coating on all it's products.

How is a powder coat finish superior to liquid paint?


Corrosion Resistance

Powder coating acts as a barrier to corrosive chemicals and moisture, which are essential components of the corrosion process.  Liquid paint just cannot protect the surface like powder coat can and rusty stack racks can damage product, be a safety hazard and costly to replace.

Chemical Resistance

Chemicals are not limited to chemical manufacturing plants. They can be cleaners, lubricating oils, gasoline and anti freeze used in the workplace as well as many other compounds which may come in contact with a coating during a manufacturing process or in subsequent end use.

Heat and Sun Fade Resistance

Coatings are frequently subjected to elevated temperatures for constant or intermittent periods while in use. Higher temperatures generally cause some degradation, which may reduce the useful life of the coating.  Sun fading is a particular problem for liquid paint and eventually the finish will oxidize and rust will set in.

Abrasion Resistance

Powder coatings generally provide outstanding abrasion resistance as compared to standard paint.  In a warehouse situation, equipment such as forklifts can scrape the paint off a rack far more easily than a powder coat finish which again, will lead to rusty racks.

Impact Resistance

Like abrasion resistance and hardness, impact resistance is a measure of the coating's toughness. Powder coatings are formulated to withstand blows from hammers and wrenches, equipment impacts which can more easily damage the finish on your racks.

In short, a powder coated stack rack will last longer than a painted rack as it will protect the metal much better than liquid paint.  Tier-Rack only uses quality powders for its powder coat finishes.

If you want to learn more about powder coating, click, email, or call 1-800-325-7869 for more information.

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