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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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How Can I Know If My Tire Rack Is The Material I Paid For?

Tire RackTire Racks are an important part of the tire industry, keeping the wheels protected and in the same shape that they come in and need to be sold in.  These racks need to be precisely engineered to withstand the weight and hold the tires up so that they don't warp and twist, or wear on one side.  Tires can also flatten if left in the wrong position for too long.  These racks need to be made to do their job properly, and sadly, this isn't always the case. 

While many companies manufacture racks, not as many manufacture them well, and it's not a very well-regulated practice.  Many overseas companies will use inferior metals, and not provide the gauge that's promised, because they know that companies that look for the cheapest price often won't check the quality.  However, it's vital to make sure that the rack you order is the rack you receive.  Always make sure to get a few things spelled out in the quote. 

  • Load Ratings
  • Stack Heights
  • All Tubing Gauges
  • Rack Design Details
  • Empty Rack Weight

Other companies will often use inferior tubing, with smaller gauge, and not inform the buyer of the 12 week lead time they require to fill your order. due to sea container shipping so that they can save costs.

It's also important to check on the racks once they arrive.  Demand in the order to know the weight, then weigh them when they arrive.  Make sure that they are checked for the areas that aren't seen, like at the weld spots, where companies will skimp on the weight.  These trouble spots are easy to miss upon visual inspection, but can be spotted if the racks are weighed carefully and checked.  It also is a good idea to check on the actual manufacturing address, to make sure that the racks are made in the US, not in China.  Often, it's Chinese-made racks that are the most cheaply made, so if they come in an overseas container, you can assume that's their point of origin.  Some other common problems are:

  • Dealers or distributors posing as rack manufacturers
  • Inferior overseas material and workmanship
  • Quoting lighter gauge tubing
  • Quoting the correct tubing and then delivering lighter gauge racks
  • Omitting rack tags indicating manufacturer and safe load limits

Let us show you how our years of manufacturing experience can provide you with quality car tire racks at a very affordable price. We buy steel tubing directly from the tube mills in truckload quantities. Then our talented and efficient teams in our low overhead production facilities transform the steel tubing into high quality portable racks that have been designed to meet your needs. Give us a chance to prove to you that nobody does it better than Tier-Rack! Whether you need 100,000 tire racks or 10 tire racks, Tier-Rack is your best choice.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019