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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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How Can a Wood Pallet Tire Rack Help Your Company's Bottom Line

Creating space in a warehouse is the eternal struggle for many companies.  Finding room for all of the new product, while constantly cycling through the old product, is a major headache for many warehouse managers and small business owners.  This struggle of convenience vs safety has led many companies to ruin, and caused many managers to pull their hair out.  However, there is an answer for this issue that can make managers and warehouse workers happy, and increase productivity in the warehouses.  

When companies use Tier-Rack's wood pallet tire racks, they find a way to move product around their warehouse with ease, and a way to ship these large products on 60" square pallets.  These 5' square wood pallets, combined with tire rack frames, create the perfect shipping and storage combination for warehouses and tire companies.

These pallets are terrific for tire storage and tire warehousing.  They also are used in Pallet stacking frames, and as stackable pallets.  Made from rustic lumber and reclaimed wood, these barn and scrap wood pallets use vintage boards and recycled materials to create an environmentally friendly storage product.  They are large, 5' by 5' wooden pallets, and very effective when used for tire storage.  The 60" area gives them abundant space for tire storage.  Also available with Tire Frames.  Big discounts for large quantities, and pre-orders are available for large quantities at lower prices.

Tire Frames are a large lot that includes some double bend style, some diamond tops / diamondtops, and some over under but are all compatible with each other.  This lot of used tire rack is being offered at the lowest prices ever!!!

The Tier-Rack Stacking Rack, invented by Tier-Rack in 1955, is the industry leader in creating vertical, portable space in your warehouse.  The original Tier-Rackョ pallet stacking frame converts regular warehouse pallets into sturdy storage racks in seconds without screws or bolts. And the Load-Nesterョ all-steel storage rack features light and heavy duty models of solid all-welded, knock-down, or nestable designs for all your material handling needs.

Our portable stacking racks and rack systems are designed to handle and store even the most fragile, odd-shaped, and awkward merchandise. They can be designed to transport two loads at a time. Our stack racks reduce handling time, stack four to six high, and they are capable of supporting thousands of pounds per unit load. All styles of racking are engineered to meet and/or exceed the "2-to-1" safety factor established by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) for portable rack design specifications.

With Tire Racks, this is very important.  Tires must be stored so that there is not an excessive amount of pressure on the tire, which can cause warping and soft spots, damaging the live expectancy of the tire.  These can lead to blowouts and dangerous conditions, and angry customers as well!

For more information on Tire Racks and other Stacking Racks, visit today, and call 1-800-325-7869 to speak to our sales team!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019