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Scott Ten Eyck, President

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Fire Marshals prefer Tier-Rack’s stackable steel pallets over wood pallets for warehouse fire safety.

Building inspectors and fire marshals are concerned about the fire hazard caused when products are stacked on wooden pallets. Stacking pallets from Tier-Rack Corporation remove this concern because the all-steel pallets will not burn.

As the ceiling height in new warehouses and manufacturing plants has gotten higher in recent years, the danger from fire has also become greater. Sprinkler heads that are located near the ceiling may not sense a fire in time to prevent serious damage if the fire explodes through a stack of dry wood pallets. And, even if the sprinklers detect the fire, the wide boards of a pallet can reduce the amount of water reaching the fire and allow the fire to grow from below.

stacking palletBecause the steel stackable pallets (also known as stack racks or portable racks) from Tier-Rack Corporation do not burn, there is less of a chance that a small fire that starts near the product stored in them can get out of control. In addition, the open deck design of the steel pallets allows water from the sprinkler system to easily pass through to lower levels of the building.

For warehouse managers who need additional support for the product placed in the stack racks, many types of steel decking are available. This decking can be made from welded wire, perforated metal or expanded metal. All of these deck styles offer the same fire prevention qualities - non-flammability and large openings that will allow water to pass through – that the stackable pallets exhibit. Another advantage of steel pallets is that they Warehouserackswithwiredeckcan last for years and can be easily stacked, even when loaded with items that can not be stacked with ordinary wooden pallets.

To learn more about stacking pallets click, email or call 1-800-325-7869.

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Guest - Chrs on Monday, 02 July 2012 11:00

So metal pallets really sound more effective than wood in every way then.

So metal pallets really sound more effective than wood in every way then.
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Thursday, 18 July 2019