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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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Don't Get Fooled By the Wrong Warehouse Rack


Finding the right tire rack takes real research, and a real attention to detail.  While many companies can quote a tire rack, or build a tire rack, not all of them do it accurately or ethically in every phase.  Finding a company that sells, designs, builds, and delivers your racks is one way to guarantee accuracy in your order.  Start with a quote.  Finding a reputable company with a solid reputation in the industry.  Preferably, your target company will have an on-staff engineer, who will be able to accurately design the tire rack to properly support and store your tires for how your company uses them. 

They can also help to ensure that everything that you want is included in the quote.  Every specification, from metal gauge to load rating, needs to be spelled out in the quote.  A short list to help you would be: load ratings, stack heights, all tubing gauges, rack design details and empty rack weight.  Also, make sure to demand domestically manufactured racks. Often, companies will quote racks from overseas which use inferior tubing, and won't inform you of the 12 weeks of lead time that it takes due to sea container shipping, so that they can save on manufacturing costs. 

When the racks arrive, it is equally important that the work is checked. Just because a company tells you that their racks are 14 gauge doesn't mean that they are.  Demand in the quote to know what the estimated weight will be for each rack, and measure a sampling from the order upon arrival. Companies will skimp on the construction in areas that aren't seen, such as in the base which is welded closed.  These are hard to spot, but easy to measure if the estimates on weight are given.  It's also not unreasonable to check the physical address of the manufacturing facility to ensure that you know that these are made domestically.  If they come in a container, they are probably from China. 

Some of the most common pitfalls to avoid are:

          - Dealers or distributors posing as actual rack manufacturers
          - Inferior overseas material and workmanship
          - Quoting lighter gauge tubing
          - Quoting the correct gauges but then delivering lighter gauge
          - Omitting rack tags indicating manufacturer and safe load limits

Let us show you how our years of manufacturing experience can provide you with quality car tire racks at a very affordable price. We buy steel tubing directly from the tube mills in truckload quantities. Then our talented and efficient teams in our low overhead production facilities transform the steel tubing into high quality portable racks that have been designed to meet your needs. Give us a chance to prove to you that nobody does it better than Tier-Rack! Whether you need 100,000 tire racks or 10 tire racks, Tier-Rack is your best choice.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019