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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Distribution Centers Have Specific Rack Needs

Since distribution centers have ever-changing needs, they need to have racks that will fill a variety of needs.  Tier-Rack distribution center racks are designed to save space, time and money by their portability.  You can use these racks to organize your distribution center however suits your business best.  You can also make changes whenever you need to in order to keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Another big advantage of the distribution center rack from Tier-Rack is the ability to bulk store items.  If you have merchandise that needs to be rotated, such as holiday or seasonal items, you can rotate it quickly with these portable racks.  You can also stack these distribution racks five high, and utilize far more of your warehouse space than with a traditional storage rack.  This allows you to safely store items in a small space and utilize the wasted space above a traditional rack.

Warehouse and distribution center managers can also load the products directly on the stacking racks, meaning that the distribution center racks can then be loaded straight moved directly with forklifts and stacked for storage.  You can cube out your warehouse quickly and efficiently with less wasted manpower and hours, and cut down on the wooden pallets you're stuck storing.

These distribution center racks are designed specifically for your distribution facilities.  If you need to store 10 pound items or 6,000 pound loads, we can engineer a solution for your distribution center rack.  We also keep your handling needs in mind when creating the design.  If you need to access the racks from all sides or just the front and back, we can make you a rack that stands up to the daily wear and fills your operational needs.

Call Tier-Rack today at (800) 325-7869 or visit today and let us show you what over 60 years of designing stack racks and storage racks can do for your business.  Let our experienced engineers and sales representatives help you build out the warehouse that will help your business thrive.  

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019