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Scott Ten Eyck, President

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Can Stack Racks help reduce the damage of the next Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Stack racks filled with emergency response and oil containment equipment may help minimize the damage from the next oil spill.


In 2010 the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused a major environmental crisis. One response to this crisis was the decision to set up rapid response locations which would be equipped with supplies to reduce damage from any future oil spills.

stack racks, stack rack, stackerTier-Rack Corporation was asked to supply stack racks to one such location. The stack racks were needed quickly so that the oil company could meet deadlines imposed by the US government. Everyone involved recognized the advantage of portable stack racks as they were used to fill the available warehouse with all sorts of equipment – oil booms, boats, trailers, emergency supplies and so much more. By storing these items on stack racks, the warehouse was able to efficiently store all of the required items safely.

Tier-Rack was able to meet the quick turn around time required. In one month, 4,000 used stack racks were shipped to the 600,000 square foot warehouse. As the racks arrived they were set up and filled with supplies. Since the racks were being used for long term storage, most of the product could be bulk stored with no aisles, saving space in the warehouse.  You don't have to be fighting a disaster to have a use for stack rack. A stackable pallet can be the perfect solution for many warehousing needs.


You can find out more about stack racks at or call us at 1-800-325-7869.


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Thursday, 18 July 2019