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Todd G. Windes (Regional Sales Manager)

A.K.A Todd G.
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Better Racks Give You Better Customer Service

Everyone wants to know how they can build better customer service for their business.  Better customer service leads to more sales and higher profits.  One sure way to improve your customer service is through better racks and a better warehouse layout.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at how.

Smarter communications – Keeping a line of communications between your warehouse, the front of the house, and the customer is vital.  Having an organized warehouse that communicates clearly and efficiently with the other components of the company builds customer goodwill and support.  Keeping your warehouse organized helps accomplish this.

Constant change – Every industry changes day-to-day.  It’s a fact of business.  Warehouse management has to change with it.  Whether it’s new products, a change in focus, overstock from unsold products, or other issues, every day in a warehouse can change drastically.  Knowing this, having an organized, mobile warehouse can help weather these storms.  Stack Racks can help rebuild the warehouse on the fly, and keep your product flowing.  This keeps customers happy.

Product on the move – Everyone wants their product faster and faster.  With next-day delivery on the menu for many companies, shipping quickly is the name of the game.  Having an organized warehouse keeps your product moving in and out of the door, whether it goes to a customer or between your warehouses.  

Smarter management – A clean, organized warehouse gives you the advantage of knowing what stock you have, where, and how much of it.  You can be assured that whatever you sell, you’ll be able to get out to people.  Finding your tock should never be a surprise.  The better organized you are, the better all of the above reasons work to keep your warehouse profitable. 

Tier-Rack isn’t just the top storage rack company in the United States, they also make other products that help keep your warehouse safe and efficient year-round.  Call us today at 800-325-7869 and visit for more information.  Don’t let your warehouse become a mess this year.  Let Tier-Rack organize it and save thousands, while getting certified U.S. Steel, made right here in the United States.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019