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Mike Mudd (Regional Sales Manager + Used Equipment)

Michael J. Mudd..."since 1965"
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Avoid These Warehouse Mistakes

Every warehouse is different, with unique challenges and issues to deal with.  Two warehouses in the same industry, in the same BUILDING, can have drastically different operating and structural issues and challenges.

That being said, there are some constants to warehouse and storage management that can be applied across most operations.

Keep your records

No matter the size, warehouses have to keep a paper trail.  Knowing your inventory and where it’s going is vital to the health of the operation.  If you don’t hold on to your paperwork, there’s nothing telling you what happened in case of an issue with shipped products.

Overloading on product

Many companies feel that having too much product is OK, because it’s still potential sales, and they don’t want to get caught without product during a sale.  This line of thinking unfortunately leads to overbuying and excess stock languishing in the warehouse.

This eliminates crucial space that you could be using for your newer product lines, and stops you from optimizing your area.

Make obvious paths

In a warehouse, “picking paths” are hugely important.  Having a way for your employees to quickly and efficiently grab multiple items makes your warehouse really sing.  Finding a way to build this is critical.  You have to know what gets purchased together frequently, and what stacks well together, to maximize efficiency.  Plan for your employees and they’ll reward you with better productivity. 

Housekeeping and safety

Maintaining a clean warehouse is paramount to having a safe, smoothly-operating warehouse.  Don’t let old pallets and garbage clog up your well-planned aisles and stacks.  You can plan out the perfect warehouse, but if it can’t be navigated because people are tripping over old wraps and forklifts are blocked by used boxes and pallets, what’s the point?

Make sure that housekeeping is a part of the daily ritual for the warehouse and reward it when completed.  Your workers deserve to work in a space where they won’t trip over junk or have boxes fall on their heads, but they also need to be a part of the process to maintain it.



Hopefully, making your warehouse clean and efficient will help you be more successful.  Tier-Rack can help as well.  We have experience designing custom racks and helping companies utilize their space, both in the horizontal AND the vertical.  We can help your company whether you’re moving in or redesigning.  Call us today at 800-325-7869 or visit for more information.  Don’t live with frustrating racks and unusable space any more.

Warehouse Space Is Precious. Use the Right Rack
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Wednesday, 17 July 2019