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Eric Wehmueller (Director of Engineering)

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3 Principles of Warehouse Management


When a warehouse runs correctly, it manages three tasks well.  A warehouse is designed to operate as an extension of the business.  The health of the company is built on the back of these 3 principles of warehouse operation:
1.    Move products
2.    Know what you have
3.    Keep the place in order
Move Products
Your warehouse exists primarily to facilitate products moving in and out of your inventory.  It needs to get your products from place to place, at its core.  When your sales team makes sales, you have to be able to fulfil orders, or you won’t sell anything else.  There’s a direct connection between ability to move products and profitability.
Know What You Have
A solid warehouse keeps products in the right place and knows what they have.  Making sure that your products are at the front of the shelves and out of the way are hugely important to the long-term health of your shop.  This has multiple uses, from knowing what NOT to sell when you’re short, to making sure that you move products that you have overstock on when that time comes.  Knowing your stock makes all the difference.
Keep The Place In Order
Your warehouse informs the rest of the business.  When you don’t have control over supply, it messes up the rest of the operation.  You can be sure that without the support of the warehouse, nothing happens.  That said, your warehouse manager is your leader in the quest to keep your business in order.  They are the keepers of the inventory and inventory management system. 
Warehouse management isn’t just the people though.  The actual physical makeup of the warehouse is huge as well.  Using Stack Racks, a Tier-Rack invention, help you organize your warehouse to keep it efficient, and lets you re-organize the stacks on the fly without having to take product off the shelves. 
Call Tier-Rack today at 800-325-7869 and visit to order racks or find a storage solution for your business.  Don’t spend another day with an unorganized warehouse.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019