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What Makes A Good Carpet Rack? Why You Should Use Quality Carpet Racks from Tier-Rack


Tier-Rack can help you maximize your warehouse storage space. Tier-Rack offers a plethora of high-grade quality stack racks, shipping racks, custom racks, stacking pallets, and pad rack solutions for your carpet business.

Tier-Racks stacking rack systems are expertly designed to allow for easy expansion and maximum organizational efficiency.

If you own a carpet business and you give Tier-Rack's carpet racks a try, you will quickly realize that it offers some of the industry's highest-quality racking solutions. Tier-Rack carpet racks create more storage space, improve inventory management, and promote business growth by increasing product dispatch efficiency.

Tier-Rack's distinctive high-grade carpet rack solutions are made out of high-quality materials that allow your storage systems to increase in density, capacity, and profitability.

Tier-Rack's Carpet Rack Solutions Benefit the Entire Supply Chain

The potential benefits provided by the use of Tier-Rack's high-quality industrial carpet-rack solutions will benefit the entirety of the supply chain. The personalized solutions offered by Tier-Rack's product line are modular and ergonomic so that everyone, from dealers to service centers to distribution centers, can benefit from increased warehouse storage space and cost-effective inventory solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits you can expect to enjoy as a member of the Tier-Rack customer family.

●Tier-Rack's carpet rack solutions pay for themselves. Experience the fastest return on investment your company has ever had.

●Tier-Rack systems provide smooth operation of all inventory management so that inflow and outflow of the product never grinds to a stop.

●Increased ease of operation and industry-leading safety.

●Adaptability to specific client requirements and variable work environments.

●High accessibility carpet racks maximize the efficiency of your warehouse worker crews.

●Better, faster, and more reliable storage solutions for a variety of materials in addition to carpet.

●Cost-effective industrial-grade solutions for companies of all sizes.

●Designs and layouts created with the specific mindset of reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Tier-Rack Stands at the Vanguard of Industrial Racking Solutions

Tier-Rack carpet-rack systems offer maximum reliability and allow you to quickly and painlessly find the most optimal way to store your product.

Additionally, Tier-Rack's rack solutions offer protection against costly accidents due to poor storage organization and inefficient inventory management. It is an unfortunate fact that anywhere that people and heavy machinery such as forklifts operate, there is increased potential for damage. Thus, the importance of having a system for maximizing space and minimizing the potential for product damage. Therefore, Tier-Rack's rack solutions offer protection against costly damages due to poor storage or inventory management.

Contact Tier-Rack today for the latest information about their many high-grade quality stack racks, shipping racks, custom racks, stacking pallets, and pad rack solutions. 

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