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Soaring Used Rack Demand Prompts Expansion from Tier-Rack



On November 1st 2019 Tier-Rack acquired additional warehousing facilities to support the storage and handling of our used rack products. This 40,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Sardis, MS and is six miles from our Como, MS production plant. Staffing and logistics will be under the direction of our Como management team.

The added space will further enhance our ability purchase and store larger quantities of used racks. Additionally, racks can be easily stored in truck load lots further enabling our ability to provide a quick turnaround time to our customers.

Tier-Rack Corporation, started in the mid 1950's, is a national leader in the design, development and manufacturing of portable stacking racks. With home offices in St. Louis, MO and production facilities in Mississippi and North Carolina the Company serves a global market. The sale of domestically produced racks is complimented with the resale of used racks and the sale of racks produced by a partner in Asia. Our customer base includes major retail distribution centers, automotive and tire companies, construction & building industries in addition to manufacturers of all kinds of industrial and consumer goods. This simple space saving and time saving product is used on products as varied as jet engine components to brewery ingredients.

Used racks provide a value option for many end-users in addition to a rapid response that delivers product far ahead of new production lead times.

Ward Wilson, President

Tier-Rack Corporation

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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