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Five Things You Should Remember When Buying Warehouse Shelving In 2020


 When it comes time to select and purchase your new warehouse shelving, you must think about and consider a multitude of factors. Making a mistake at this juncture can severely limit your company's productivity, distribution capacity, and ultimately hurt your bottom line if refitting your warehouse becomes necessary.

This is why it is so important to align your company's needs with the services of a reputable and trustworthy supplier of shelving and racking solutions.

The folks at Tier-Rack, leaders in flexible and cost-effective warehousing shelving, can provide your facilities with high-quality tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, pad racks, and custom rack solutions to complement your operational flow and ensure reliable productivity.

With this in mind, here are the 5 things you should remember when buying your warehouse shelving in 2020:

01 - Existing Warehouse Layout: The existing layout of your warehouse facilities will determine, to a great extent, the majority of the variables to consider when purchasing new shelving solutions.

For example, the presence of load-bearing columns can limit the number of shelves and racks you can fit into a given space. Additionally, the height of the ceiling, the positioning of entryways, the presence of access ramps, etc., can make some shelving solutions a non-option.

02 - Adaptability and Adjustability: The entire point of owning a business is to grow it and expand its market reach, which means that your business needs will intrinsically change over time.

Before you invest in a hefty warehouse shelving purchase, it is essential to make sure that your provider can supply you with adaptable and adjustable shelving solutions. In this way, you can quickly adapt to the demands of a growing business.

03 - Cost: Many people think that high-quality only comes in excessive costs. This is often true, but it doesn't have to be. Tier-rack can provide quality solutions to your company's shelving requirements while helping you to keep operational costs to a minimum.

Our high-quality tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, pad racks, and custom racking solutions made with the highest-grade materials on the market and assembled to exceed the strictest industry standards while still being affordable.

04 - Accessibility: Today's markets thrive on fast-turnaround and logistics efficiency. Nobody wants to deal with a cumbersome distribution process, which is why carefully thinking about the accessibility of your warehousing facilities when shopping for your next shelving solutions is of paramount importance. Maximizing accessibility will determine which types of shelving works best for your business.

05 - Safety: Safety often takes a backseat to maximize profits. But with Tier-Rack's shelving and racking solutions, this does not have to be the case. Our line of tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, pad racks, and custom racks are made with the utmost respect for safety and will pass all inspections with flying colors.

Whether your company handles large-stock inventory or it is a small-scale operation, choosing adequate shelving is a necessary investment. Stay ahead of the competition by maximizing your warehouse space and improving the efficiency of operational logistics and cost-effectiveness with Tier-Rack shelving solutions.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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