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Tier-Rack is an industry leader in flexible and cost-effective warehouse shelving, and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to all the possible operational logistics problems that can arise in today's dynamic market.

Therefore, Tier-Rack's experienced team of warehouse engineers can provide your facilities with high-quality tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, pad racks, and custom rack solutions to complement your operational flow and ensure efficient storage and distribution of your goods.

Whatever your specific business model, Tier-Rack has options for you.

Today we will briefly touch upon one of the principal models of warehouse engineering and organization.

The Conventional Storage System

In the world of warehouse engineering, we find various organizational methods for improving inflow and outflow of inventory. One of these is known as the Conventional Storage System, and it is the universal organizational scheme for direct and unitary access to individual pallets.

As such, the conventional storage system is the quintessential industrial storage system and consists of storing units combining palletized goods with individual items. This system works because the higher rack levels are typically used to store whole pallets and the lower levels for the manual preparation and expedition of individual goods.

The Conventional Storage System is the preferred organizational system of businesses that need to store a wide variety of palletized references of each product since it allows direct and unitary access to each stored pallet. Furthermore, it also has the benefit of being adaptable to any type of load, regardless of the weight and volume of the products.

Whether your business relies on tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, or pad racks, when the conventional system is used in your warehouse, the storage area enjoys a more efficiently distributed layout. For example, the conventional storage system allows your shelves and racks to have one access on the sides and double access in the center.

The distribution and height of shelves and racks that are organized using the conventional storage system are determined based on the characteristics of your access equipment, your specific storage elements, as well as the dimensions of your warehouse premises.

One way to optimize the number of units stored is to implement a conventional double bottom storage system, optimal for products with several pallets per reference, thus avoiding an increase to the maneuver time of your operators.

As mentioned earlier, the principal advantage of the Conventional Storage System for warehouse logistics is the possibility of mixing different units, including pallets. But this is not the only advantage.

Here Are Other Advantages of The Conventional Storage System

●Speeds up the operational capacity of your business, since each pallet can be accessed directly without the need to move or shift others.

●Enhances stock control.

●Maximum adaptability to any type of load, both by weight and volume.

●Optimal for warehouses where it is necessary to store palletized products with a wide variety of references.

However, implementing such a system requires the use of precisely engineered stacks and racks. Luckily, Tier-Rack can provide you with a wide variety of stacking, racking, and shelving solutions so that you can implement a Conventional Storage System and start reaping its benefits right away.

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