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Buying and Selling Your Used Racks


 Tier-Rack is a service company, focused on the industry of warehouse organizational logistics.

We supply industry leaders in the fields of manufacturing, automotive, construction, chemicals, textiles, etc.with high quality, affordable racking, and stacking solutions. We also specialize in the purchase and sale of Used Equipment.

Due to a lower entry cost and immediate availability, used equipment is a highly viable alternative for any company that is looking to effectively increase their productivity without the need for substantial capital investment.

The Advantages of Used Racking and Stacking Solutions

Increased Versatility: Our used tire racks, stack racks, shipping racks, pad racks, and custom racking solutions run the gamut of industry needs. From textiles to tires, and delicate electronic components to chemical pails, Tire-Racks used shelves and stacks can provide the most appropriate storage conditions to ensure your merchandise is well protected.

Low Maintenance: Since all of our used racks and stacks are made with the highest-grade materials available, our shelving solutions are extremely robust and require very little maintenance.

Increased Affordability: Opting for used racking and stacking solution to your warehouse's organizational troubles will provide your company with a substantial economic respite. While the use of most second-hand products and equipment implies a certain risk, Tier-Racks offerings have been diligently inspected and tested to ensure that increased savings do not turn into unexpected costs down the road.

Tier-Rack eliminates all the associated disadvantages of using a used racking or stacking solution.

For example, many industry "insiders" will avidly tell you that relying on used racking and stacking solutions for your warehouse organizational needs implies too big of a risk and that, although you can save money by doing so, there are too many unknown variables in the mix.

They will tell you that not knowing precisely the type and grade of metal used in the construction of used racks and pallet stacks means that you can never be sure of their resistance and strength. However, Tier-Rack only offers racking and stacking solutions that have been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that you get a reliable stacking system.

In other words, if your primary concern with buying used industrial racks is that you cannot be sure that they have been subjected to stringent quality control measures, rest assured that Tier-Rack takes the safety of your investment very seriously.

If you are concerned with whether the used equipment you are going to purchase has been subjected to overloads or deformations in the past, rest assured that the experts at Tier-Rack have already thought of these issues and run the necessary stress tests to ensure your merchandise remains safe while stored using our used racks.

It is imperative that this coming year you purchase shelving that has been manufactured with high-grade materials following the strictest industry standards in safety; however, with Tier-Rack's solutions, you can do so and enjoy the various advantages of using used stacks and racks.

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Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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