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Request Literature

  1. Tier-Rack pays cash for used racks and material handling equipment. This is your chance to sell used stack racks, sell used racks or sell used equipment. Tier-Rack is the leading buyer on used stack rack, used rack and used equipment. If you wish to sell used stack racks, sell used racks, used storage containers or other equipment, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 1-800.325.7869 ext. 239.
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Tier-Rack is a leading manufacturer of portable stack racks. These are sometimes called stackers. Tier-Rack can make custom tire racks, bins, custom racks, storage bins, wire baskets, laced cages, carts, industrial rack, multiple storage systems, rack shelving, custom material handling racks, or warehouse rack. Tier-Rack also sells used racks.
Tier-Rack LLC. manufactures storage racks & storage bins in the USA .
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